Key points of living room decoration design

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Key points of living room decoration design

the living room is the largest living space in the family living environment, and it is also the activity center of the family. Its main functions are family reception, watching TV, listening to music, family members talking, etc. The furniture in the living room mainly includes sofa, tea table, TV cabinet, wine bar cabinet and decorative case cabinet. Because the living room has the characteristics of multi-functional usability, large area, many activities, alternating flow guidance, etc., it must be different from other living spaces such as bedrooms in the design. The flexible utilization of environmental space should be fully considered in the design, and the key decoration parts should be highlighted. In the design of furniture configuration, reasonable arrangement should be made, and the division of pedestrian navigation routes and functional areas should be fully considered. Then consider the collocation of light color and the auxiliary function design of other living rooms

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first, decoration points

(1) the living room can generally be divided into reception area, dining area, learning area, etc. The reception area should be appropriately located outside. The dining area is close to the kitchen, and the study area only occupies a corner of the room

(2) while meeting the multifunctional needs of the living room, attention should be paid to the coordination and unity of the whole living room; The local beautification and decoration of each functional area should be subject to the overall visual beauty. The color design of the living room should have a keynote. What color should be used as the keynote should reflect the owner's hobby

(3) generally, the colors of the bedroom are more elegant or colder. The south facing room has sufficient sunshine, and the cooler tone can be used, while the north facing room can use the warmer tone. The hue is mainly reflected through the ground, wall and top, while decorations and furniture only play the role of adjustment and supplement

in short, it is necessary to be comfortable, convenient, warm, cordial, rich and full, so that people have a warm and peaceful feeling

II. Lighting design

1. In family decoration design, a variety of lighting schemes for different purposes are designed in the living room to enhance the sense of indoor light hierarchy and make the space atmosphere warm

2. In daily life, the illumination of the whole room needs to be uniform. On the contrary, the illumination of the whole room needs to be reduced during parties and dances. Necessary illumination should be taken in local space to form a difference between light and darkness. Therefore, switches or dimmers should be set on various lighting fixtures or lines of different combinations, and movable lamps such as floor lamps, table lamps and head shaking spotlights should be used for local lighting, which is corresponding to the use form of the living room, so that it can move and show the design of changing atmosphere. The living room should be equipped with different lights according to the properties of the space. In this way, the ordinary space will be different due to the setting of lights

3. The lighting in the living room has two functions, practical and decorative. In order to make the family have proper lighting conditions in daily life, such as reading newspapers, watching TV, playing computer, etc., various possibilities must be considered in the design. The wiring embedded in the floor or wall and the sockets on the wall should be carefully arranged, because although the position of the desk lamp and floor lamp (as well as other electrical appliances) can be moved flexibly, if you pull a long wire, it will affect the appearance and is not safe at the same time. According to the various uses of the living room, the following lights need to be installed

(1) background light: provide a certain brightness for the whole room and set off the atmosphere- Display lamp: provide lighting for a special part of the room, such as a painting, a sculpture, or a group of ornaments

(2) lighting: provide lighting for a specific task, such as reading newspapers, watching TV, playing computer, etc. At present, tungsten lamps are basically used for indoor lighting, but there are still some other options

(3) fluorescent lamp: high brightness, but it can be placed in the lamp box for floodlighting. Unable to adjust the brightness is its biggest disadvantage, which limits its use

(4) low voltage tungsten halide lamp: the price is expensive, but the clear and bright high-quality lighting is enough to offset this disadvantage. It is also the lamp closest to daylight illumination. Now there are desk lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and spotlights made of low-voltage halide filaments, but all low-voltage lamps need transformers. Another advantage of low-voltage lamp is that the heat emitted by the bulb is absorbed by the reflector, so its light is colder than other lamps, which is more suitable for use as a display lamp

(5) tungsten filament lamp: it is the most widely used, but its service life is relatively short and its power consumption is high. Now you can buy tungsten bulbs of various sizes and colors: light pink and yellow give people a warm feeling; Light green and blue are suitable for cool rooms. Lighting must be selected according to the walls and ceilings. For example, dark walls will absorb light, so strong lighting is required. When choosing lamps and lanterns, you should pay attention to whether the lampshade matches the light. Blindly paying attention to the shape will only backfire

III. bar design principles

1. If you set up a bar indoors, you must regard the bar as a part of a complete space, not just a piece of furniture. A good design can integrate the bar into the space. There are no specific rules to follow for the location of the bar. Designers usually suggest the use of some odd spaces. If the bar is integrated into the main body of the space, we should carefully consider the moving direction. Good design is guiding, which virtually makes living more comfortable

2. Of course, the location will also affect the circuit and water supply and drainage design, especially when it is far away from the pipe room or the corner of the drainage pipe, drainage has become a major problem. The drainage pipe should have a certain inclination angle. If the bar is close to the outside, the drainage pipe can be connected to the outside to drain with a separate pipeline; If the pipeline must be connected to the pipeline and the inclination is insufficient, and the pipeline must be installed from the ceiling or wall, the construction will be more troublesome and the cost will increase

3. If you want to use electrical appliances with high power consumption in the bar, such as induction cooker, it is best to design a separate circuit to avoid circuit tripping

4. For the bar built by using corners, the operating space needs to be at least 90cm, and the height of the bar has two sizes, the single-layer bar is about 110cm up and down, and the double-layer bar is 80cm and 105cm, with a gap of at least 25cm between them, so that items can be placed on the inner layer

5. The depth of the table top must depend on the function of the bar. The width of the table top for drinking only drinks is different from that for eating. If there is a seat in front of the table, the table top must protrude from the bar itself, so the depth of the table top must be at least 40-60cm, and the lower part of the bar with this width is also more convenient for storage

6. How long should the bar be for convenient use? Generally speaking, the smallest sink needs to be 60cm long, the operating table is 60cm long, and others can be measured according to their own needs

7. When buying a sink, the bar with a sink should pay attention to that the sink is preferably a flat bottom slot, so that the cup will not be dumped or damaged when placed. The depth of the sink should be more than 20cm to avoid splashing and getting wet

8. The design of wine cabinet should pay attention to the convenience of use. The height of each layer should be at least 30-40cm. The part where the wine bottle is placed should be designed to be placed obliquely, so that the wine can submerge the cork, so that the wine can be stored for a longer time; The depth of the cabinet should not be too deep. It is inconvenient to take a cup over other objects

9. It's best to use wear-resistant materials on the countertop, but it's not suitable to stick the skin. The bar with a sink is best able to withstand water; If electrical appliances are used in the bar, fire-resistant materials are the best, such as artificial stone, Meinai board, stone, etc., are ideal materials




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