Toilet anti leakage starts with decoration

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To prevent running, emitting, dripping and leakage in the bathroom, start with decoration

>& gt;& gt; Ten steps to make the bathroom as clean as new

in home decoration, because the bathroom has the most plumbing pipes, it is also most prone to the problem of pipeline leakage. Master Wang, who is engaged in decoration, called the reporter on the 4th to suggest that citizens should specially design the bathroom when decorating the house

pipeline installation

pipeline works shall be constructed according to household requirements and design requirements. After completion, pressure test shall be carried out, and other decoration works can be carried out only after passing the inspection

the quality of selected pipes and fittings should comply with the provisions of national standards. Thick walled water pipes are selected, and thin-walled pipes are strictly prohibited. The installation of pipes must be horizontal and vertical, the drainage pipes should be smooth, and the installation should be reasonably arranged, as close to the wall as possible, and the position of valves should be set correctly for maintenance and use. After water pressure test, all joints, valves and pipe connections shall be free of water seepage and leakage. It shall be fixed in time after installation

installation of water heater

the installation of water heater should be correct, the water inlet and air inlet should be installed with valves, and the gas valve should be a copper ball valve. All pipelines shall be treated with rust prevention after pressure test and inspection

the hot water pipe should be provided with an insulating layer to prevent water from forming on the surface of the pipe

sanitary ware construction

the installation of toilet and bathtub should be carried out after the ceiling is painted and the wall is leveled with cement slurry, and the installation of sink and washbasin should be carried out after the wall is paved with tiles. The sanitary ware must be closely connected with the water inlet pipe and the sewage pipe, and there must be no water seepage and leakage. When the sanitary ware is connected with the drainage pipe, the diameter and slope of the drainage branch pipe should meet the design requirements

the washbasin, sink and shower faucet should be installed correctly, the cold and hot water pipe connector should be installed below the washbasin, the cold water should be on the right, the hot water should be on the left, and the faucet should be in a correct position

the installation position of toilet and water tank should be accurate and closely connected with the wall and ground. Protective measures shall be taken for the installed sanitary ware

drain plugs and floor drains are installed smoothly and firmly, lower than the drainage surface, and there is no leakage. After the bathroom mirror is installed, the gap around it shall be sealed with glass glue




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