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The compressed natural gas truck of Allison gearbox provides environmental friendly garbage service

the compressed natural gas truck of Allison gearbox provides environmental friendly garbage service

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Bolu takes the lead in using CNG garbage trucks in Turkey, and relies on CNG vehicles equipped with Allison accessories to provide effective and environmental friendly services

Beijing compressed natural gas (CNG) is increasingly widely used in municipal services around the world. As an economical and environment-friendly solution, it features low cost, less emissions, no pollution and low noise, and can reduce noise pollution by up to 30% compared with 2017. Over the past three years, Bolu, Turkey, has been evaluating Iveco's straliscng garbage truck equipped with Allison 3000 series automatic transmission, and the evaluation results have been announced recently

according to alaaddinyilmaz, the mayor of Bolu, Bolu city tends to use CNG vehicles, because compared with diesel vehicles, the former has 90% more clean combustion rate and saves more fuel. "Our goal is to maintain our garbage fleet through environmentally friendly solutions, such as CNG trucks. In order to achieve the desired level of efficiency, we stipulate that vehicles must be equipped with Allison transmission."

"Allison automatic transmission supports CNG engine and improves engine performance," IMAS said. "Allison gearbox multiplies the torque of CNG engine through its hydraulic torque converter, and easily transmits power to the wheels. Therefore, the vehicle can start quickly even during frequent start and stop operations.

yilmaz said that Bolu has become a model city equipped with CNG garbage trucks, which can save 60% to 70% of fuel than diesel powered vehicles and 40% to 50% of fuel than LNG vehicles. In addition, CNG garbage trucks can reduce dioxygen by 25% The local people have benefited a lot from reducing carbon emissions and operating without noise and vibration

according to omerfarukerkoc, logistics director of Bolu City, each CNG garbage truck can collect about 19 tons of domestic garbage and drive about 90 kilometers (55 miles) every day. The rear mounted truck equipped with hydraulic compressor works 8 to 9 hours a day, operates continuously 6 days a week, and can travel 30000 kilometers (18650 miles) a year, which improves the operation efficiency of garbage vehicles in urban areas

"for us, the biggest advantage of Allison automatic transmission is that it can collect garbage faster and more reliably," erkoc said. "Thanks to the Allison automatic transmission, the number of man-made faults of the vehicle has been reduced, and the repair and maintenance expenses have been reduced accordingly."

erkoc stressed that drivers are also keen to drive these new trucks and are satisfied with the simple driving experience provided by Allison's fully automatic transmission. However, from the perspective of the mayor and the city, the most fundamental thing is that the CNG engine performance reaches the best state after it is equipped with Allison full-automatic transmission

"Allison hydraulic torque converter provides excellent starting power by multiplying the torque of the engine, and the power is continuously transmitted to the wheels when the vehicle shifts gears". Erkoc said: "thanks to the continuous power technology of Allison, the performance of the fleet has been improved. In order to build a comprehensive shipping experimental area for Southeast Asia, at the same time, the planetary helical gears in power transmission reduce the noise of vehicle operation."

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