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All inclusive education develops and upgrades service products to promote the development of "education + artificial intelligence"

with the increasing demand for downstream plastic products, all inclusive education develops and upgrades service products to promote the development of "education + artificial intelligence"

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original title: all inclusive education develops and upgrades service products, Promoting the development of "education + artificial intelligence"

artificial intelligence is an important driving force for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. In recent years, driven by the continuous evolution of information technology, artificial intelligence has led to significant changes in all walks of life, especially in the education industry. The new generation of artificial intelligence is showing a trend of comprehensive and rapid development

Education is of decisive significance to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence has had a great impact on the reform of education. The integration of education and artificial intelligence has been discussed in depth. The state has given policy support to education through different channels to promote the better integration and innovation of new science and technology into the education system and solve the existing education problems in China

in view of the new development trend of "education + artificial intelligence", many education enterprises are looking for a breakthrough, striving to seize the commanding height of education development and become the leader of intelligent education. Among them, all pass education, as the leading provider of science and technology education services, conscientiously studied and implemented the national government's policies on education, sized up the situation to understand the development trend of the industry, developed and upgraded new science and technology education service business products in addition to the overall stable layout, which greatly promoted the development of "education + artificial intelligence" 2. The details of installing universal tensile testing machine

in the era of intelligent education, educational resources, products and professionals are particularly important. We should focus on the two aspects of "education + artificial intelligence". As a science and technology education service company, Quantong education is no stranger to intelligent education. Therefore, in the process of development, it has been steadily upgrading educational science and technology products, expanding educational resources and cultivating talents, Form an active education ecosystem

for the development of intelligent education products, all-round education continues to improve education product services and develop new intelligent education products. All inclusive education mainly carries out the construction of smart campus, R & D and promotion services of learning products, learning resource channel services, etc. through education information construction and operation, campus service business, continuing education, etc. At present, all pass education already has shared classes, double teacher teaching, school pay pass, intelligent reading platform, campus management, continuing education and so on. Among them, the intelligent AI sharing course is designed to meet the energy-saving needs of users to the greatest extent. By applying AI technologies such as face recognition and behavior recognition, it will help schools easily establish a campus class face cloud attendance network and realize class face attendance cloud coverage

second, for the cultivation of intelligent talents, all-round education continuously cultivates professional talents. First of all, for talents, teachers are essential. In the era of "education + artificial intelligence", it is imperative to improve the quality of teachers. The continuing education of all-round education has opened a teacher platform, established a national continuing education for primary and secondary school teachers, and provided services such as system platform construction, curriculum content development and training system construction for basic education teachers' vocational education

at the same time, for the training of intelligent professionals, all-round education will spare no effort and devote itself to development. With the development of artificial intelligence, the demand for high-level AI talents is growing. In the aspect of talent training and construction, the all-round education study has a correct development idea. With the idea of facing the forefront of international disciplines, introducing new mechanisms, and jointly building an artificial intelligence college with domestic well-known large enterprises, the first batch of "national engineering laboratories for Internet education system technology and application" in China has been established to link international high-quality educational resources, introduce new professional and technical talents, cultivate innovative talents, and emphasize the comprehensive and research characteristics of running a school; The introduction of excellent projects and teams will combine the National Laboratory and the International Alliance for big data in education to make the symmetry plane of the gap lie on the symmetry plane of the two supports, integrate learning and analysis technology resources, build a learning and analysis platform, focus on key application fields, carry out scientific research layout, and build a smart education framework

the integrated development of education and artificial intelligence is not only an opportunity, but also a challenge. It is not only an industry challenge, but also a new, all-round and lasting challenge in this century. For this challenge, only continuous practice and discussion can make continuous progress, so as to promote "education + artificial intelligence" to a new height! In this regard, all pass education will forge ahead, never forget the original intention of education, grasp the overall situation, and make steady development and layout go hand in hand

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