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Alternative marketing makes it the biggest

nowadays it is hot to go to the store, but it seems that few people will choose to buy shoes on the store. However, Xie Jiahua, a Chinese American, set up a shoe seller, Zappos. With free return service, it has become the largest network marketing company in the United States

The 32 year old xiejiahua is one of the founders of and the chief executive officer of the network marketing giant. His father Xie Chuangang and his mother Li Xiaolin are both from Taiwan, China. In his early years, his parents moved from Taiwan to the United States and later gave birth to xiejiahua, the eldest of the three brothers, in Illinois. According to his father, Jiahua has been quick thinking and independent since childhood

xiejiahua had a good childhood. He grew up in San Francisco and was admitted to Harvard University to major in computer science. He got his diploma at the age of 19. During Harvard, Jiahua not only won the champion of computer competition, but also rented a bedroom to open a pizza shop in his spare time. Although the business in the shop was average, he accumulated his first business experience

at the age of 21, Jiahua gave up the opportunity to read a doctoral degree and joined a company as a programmer with his roommate, Sanjay Madan. This matter puzzled my friend very much, but xiejiahua thought that he had a unique vision

indeed, before long, Jiahua and Ma Dan started linkexchange, a network advertising company. The company has grown into a large company with 200 employees in only two years. In 1998, linkexchange was sold to Microsoft for $265million. From this, xiejiahua found the first pot of gold

In 1999, xiejiahua got to know a younger entrepreneur, Nick swim. Swim came up with an idea that other investors had never thought of: selling shoes. Swim said that there is a $40billion market for footwear retail, of which 5%, or $2billion, is mailed by looking at the ordering catalogue. At that moment, xiejiahua was "enlightened"

therefore, xiejiahua successively injected 1million US dollars into shoesite, a shoe selling company in swam, which is the predecessor of Zappos. Six months later, they started to run Zappos together. But Zappos could hardly sell anything at that time. The two spent only one day discussing how to build a brand, and finally decided to provide the best service as the development direction. "At that time, we thought about bankruptcy every day until we borrowed a maximum of $6million from Wells Fargo."

no one could have imagined that an empire selling shoes was born. In 2000, the performance of Zappos reached US $1.6 million; $8.6 million in 2001; After that, it increased in multiples every year and soon exceeded 30million, 80million and 100million. Now, according to the survey of American cable TV, Zappos accounts for one fifth of the $3billion shoe selling market. Last year, its performance exceeded $600million and its customers reached 4million

breaking through the encirclement by free returns

Xie Jiahua's most common words are: "I don't want to spend money on advertising. I prefer to spend it on improving customer service." Zappos pursues the tenet of "wear shoes when they fit, and change them when they don't fit". Although it is not the first one to provide free return service, at the same time, more than 1 million Mongolian people go to tourist shops all over China every year, xiejiahua has made this service a magic weapon for Zappos to break through the siege: goods can be delivered to guests in one night; If you are not satisfied, you can enjoy free return. To this end, Zappos spent $100million on in transportation fees last year alone. In fact, zappo effectively reduced the energy storage time and energy saving S. only last year did it turn from loss to profit

xiejiahua said that this is a "strategy to retain long-term customers". Statistics show that 60% of Zappos customers are repeat customers, and 25% are introduced by friends or family members

buy yourself a pair of shoes every month

in January, 2004, Zappos decided to expand, but SABIC currently moved several materials highlighted in Hamburg to Las Vegas. "Swam and I started talking at lunch, and we made a decision after lunch." Xiejiahua said easily. In fact, xiejiahua and swim often make important decisions in an hour or a day

customer service is the concept that xiejiahua has always pursued. After all, service quality is the foundation of Zappos

zappos has also added leather bags, gloves, sunglasses and other supplies, because he believes that there is still more room for online marketing. In the field of shoes alone, he gives you intimate protection knowledge and is confident to occupy 1/10 of the American market. Besides business, he will not mistreat himself. He buys himself a pair of new shoes every month, which is a little contribution to Zappos

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