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China soft Convergence: converged communication - multimedia call center all-in-one machine

China soft convergence is an industry-leading provider of enterprise communication application software and solutions. With mature technical core and strong R & D force, and based on advanced management concepts, it has independently developed a series of converged communication products, including u-callcenter, u-biz, and According to the 1025 development plan series of the plastic machinery industry, the five major products of the integrated communication collaborative management platform (u-cology), the integrated communication Collaborative Office System Advanced Edition (u-nature) and the integrated communication customer management system (u-crm) have accumulated a large number of customers and rich practical experience in the banking, government, radio and television, telecommunications, manufacturing, education and training, logistics industry, consulting, pharmaceutical communications, real estate A complete set of mature industrial call center solutions have been formed in the fields of hotel catering and so on

unified communication multimedia call center all-in-one machine

unicss CCX constitutes

unicss CCX. Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, the integrated IPPBX solution based on SIP soft switch can integrate any combination of two analog and E1 cards in a 1U chassis by adopting a modular plug-in board design, and can configure different numbers and models of interface boards according to requirements to meet various needs, with good scalability. The storage system is based on the elastic compression design concept, which is flexible and convenient to operate

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some successful cases

e-commerce industry Beijing Yisheng health call center Shanghai Tongdao kuaijian Call Center Hunan Shangkang e-commerce platform call center touch technology (fishing expert) palm reading technology (reading)

education industry essence call center Australia overseas study call center china education call center XRS call center

financial industry CBC (Beijing) Credit management call center Taikang Life Insurance Exchange Xinhua Life Insurance call center liantai Sino US metropolis call center six bank Wantong call center

communication software industry Zhongrong information call center Digital China B2C call center fecso international human resources service call center Jinshan software call center

medical care industry Ciming physical examination customer service center Jiamei oral reservation center

Customer Comments from customers

the call center system of other manufacturers we used to have frequent problems, which led to our subsequent entry of social and private capital, which could not be answered normally, and the system was very unstable. The data report is also inaccurate; Since the use of the call center system of China convergence Communications Corporation, all the previous problems have been solved, and effective performance appraisal can be carried out on the staff, which greatly improves our service efficiency and customer satisfaction! Ciming medical examination company

for our insurance company, how to find effective customer information; How to carry out outbound marketing quickly and accurately is the effective guarantee to improve the work efficiency of telemarketers; China fusion Communications Corporation can provide integrated solutions according to our characteristics. Through the system provided by them, we can effectively wash numbers, which greatly reduces the waiting time for us as an ideal electrode material for mobile batteries and power supplies; Greatly improve our sales efficiency through the automatic outbound marketing system; Sunshine Insurance Group

for our e-commerce, how to quickly answer customers and provide fast and accurate services for customer inquiries, complaints and consultation is a powerful guarantee for our e-commerce competition; The integrated solution provided by China convergence communication company: effective integration from many aspects such as commodity management, order management, customer management, purchase, sales and inventory management, customer service center, etc., truly realizing the service concept of integration and value creation. Weimei shopping mall

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