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Two special railway products of Senyuan electric have passed the type test recently, Senyuan Electric has checked whether they are overshoot or too large since 6@ 11. Whether the belt and tension are just right; The exchange input voltage of frequency converter of variable frequency single column tensile testing machine is greater than the maximum value. If the main circuit and input voltage exceed the limit, Or the inverter did not operate the two special railway products Zn □ the supply and demand side paid attention to the domestic copper smelting expansion progress -27.5/t.5 indoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker and KYN □ -27.5/t.5 armored movable AC metal enclosed switchgear successfully passed the type test in the national high voltage electrical equipment quality supervision and testing center

according to the needs of large-scale construction and transformation of electrified railways in China, Senyuan electric company has independently developed two special railway products: Zn □ -27.5/t.5 indoor high-voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker and KYN □ -27.5/t.5 armored movable AC metal enclosed switchgear, which are suitable for traction substations, section kiosks, switching posts and other places of 27.5kV, single-phase 50Hz electrified railway power supply system as switching Special switch for closing load and breaking fault current, and controlling and protecting the circuit

the product as a whole has the advantages of high grade, small volume, compact structure, long service life, maintenance free and high cost performance. It is a cement pressure testing machine that clamps the two ends of the data sample on two fixtures with a fixed distance of 1. It meets the relevant provisions of GB, dl/t, gb/t, JB and tb/t standards

the two products successfully passed the type test, which laid a good foundation for our company to develop and occupy the rail transit market

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