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All intelligent machine tools made in Shenyang have won large orders one after another.

relying on the precision and professional CNC machine tools of China Plastics Fair, which came into being in Taizhou plastics industry, can be easily manipulated like playing with intelligence, and the processing of complex parts can be completed with the touch of a finger - this epoch-making product that makes laymen turn into experts in the industry in an instant is a product born in Shenyang machine tool group with its independent research and development The world's first fully intelligent machine tool with i5 CNC system. Precision and professional CNC machine tools can be manipulated as easily as playing with intelligence. With a touch of your finger, you can complete the processing of complex parts. This epoch-making product that turns laymen into experts in the industry is a fully intelligent machine tool equipped with its independent research and development and the world's first i5 CNC system born in Shenyang machine tool group. On May 21, good news came from Shenyang Machine Tool: a customer decided to purchase 100 sets of 200 etc production lines equipped with i5 CNC system, of which 40 sets of contracts are being fulfilled. The i5 CNC system independently developed by Shenyang machine tool has opened up the Chinese market and ushered in the era of Chinese cores

i5 CNC system is the first fully intelligent CNC system born in the world. Machine tools equipped with i5 CNC system are more convenient to operate, easier to program, easier to maintain and simpler to manage. In the workshop of Shenyang machine tool, we saw that the staff were using the tablet computer to remotely control the i5 CNC machine tool through the I platform. Even laymen who do not know professional technology at all, as long as an order is generated on the computer or, one or several machine tools can automatically process the parts required by the customer, and send the production process, fault prediction and removal information to the customer in real time

it is reported that the I platform is an information integration platform built by Shenyang machine tool, which integrates cloud manufacturing and the standardized characteristics of intelligent electronic tensile testing machine to create a breakthrough in the classification and recycling of domestic waste. At present, it has realized two application functions of factory and machine tool archives. Based on the I platform, users can query their factory output information, order production execution of each production line, consumable resource inventory and other information in real time throughout the country, providing reliable and timely data information for enterprise decision-making and bringing more convenience to customers

at the International Machine Tool Exhibition held in Beijing in April this year, Shenyi lathe factory snatched back an order from foreign competitors: Chongqing Aoshi Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. tried to purchase four etc products equipped with Feiyang CNC system. It is this order of four products that quietly changes and strengthens the customer's ideas: the high precision and efficiency of etc products, the superior performance of Feiyang CNC system such as graphic guidance, processing simulation and process support, the T-shaped structure truss robot designed by the technicians of Shenyi lathe factory for the customer, and the comprehensive solution for the construction of automatic workshop, so that the customer can experience the advantages of automatic production line

this is the automatic processing workshop we need! The customer decided to hand over to Shenyang machine tool the orders for 200 lathes, a part of the tensile testing machine that often changes according to the change of material samples. At present, Chongqing Aoshi Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shenyi lathe factory have signed the second contract, which consists of 40 automatic production lines composed of 80 etc products equipped with i5 CNC system and 40 trusses independently developed by Shenyi lathe factory. On this basis, Shenyi lathe factory will help the enterprise build an intelligent management workshop and truly realize the excellent production management function of i5 CNC system

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