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The full light shines into the paradise on earth. Anpu hotel opens the wisdom experience

there is paradise on earth and Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth. This reputation is full of heaven's preference for Hangzhou. Hangzhou, in this city known as the paradise on earth, when the light shines on the earth, the scenery of the West Lake has inspired countless poets, and also performed countless stories of light

through the temperature of light, we can feel the beautiful spring in heaven:

recalling the Jiangnan, Hangzhou is the most remembered.

the sunrise makes the river red more than the fire, and the spring comes with the river green as blue

through the brightness of the light, we enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou:

Hangzhou has beautiful scenery, enjoying the lake light in the morning,

it is intoxicating to linger, the water rhymes with blue,

the distant mountains lead the clouds and dreams, and the morning glow reflects the waves

through the change of light, we perceive the four seasons of the West Lake:

after all, the scenery of the West Lake in June is different from that of the four seasons.

the lotus leaves are boundless, and the lotus flowers are different

in the past, the lines of light bring us to experience life, prosperity and change

now, the information of light opens up the future, wisdom and imagination for us

when quanguangluo comes to Hangzhou Anpu Hotel, this smart hotel on the Bank of the beautiful Qiantang River, you can overlook the spectacular Qiantang River and the beautiful scenery of the West Lake and mountains. It only opens up the information flow for the hotel, establishes high-speed connectivity, and supports Anpu to create a new personalized experience

at 7:30 in the morning, Gu LAN restaurant on the 28th floor of Anpu Hotel, enjoyed a delicious breakfast while looking at the beautiful scenery through the panoramic floor glass. The morning light from the sky sprinkled on the Jiuxi tobacco tree and Longjing tea on the opposite bank, providing customers in the medical industry with a new product selection and solution park. At this time, open the panoramic photography, take photos, click to share, and let the high-speed fixture: metal experimental plate: 100x100x5mm 10 pieces of Wi Fi bring the beauty of this moment through light, and directly reach the circle of friends through the network. In the era of mobile Internet, the mobile accompanying of Wi Fi and the return relay of light have become the best partners to create high-quality connections for you and keep you connected anytime, anywhere

at 10:00 a.m., Anpu multimedia conference room, Zhizhen conference

and the video conference of the headquarters span thousands of kilometers. Through Zhizhen conference, barrier free communication can even catch the changes in each other's eyes in real time. It is far away but near in front of us. Behind it is the speed of light and the flow of Gigabit information from optical fiber to the desktop

at 4:00 p.m., in the river view room of Anpu supreme, afternoon tea

come to the sofa next to the window and enjoy a leisure afternoon tea. Open the app automatic control curtain. When the curtain rises slowly, you can see the boundless river scenery of Qiantang River. The water and light are flexible. The sun is a little hot in the afternoon. You don't want to get up on the sofa. It doesn't matter. Call your AI assistant, adjust the temperature and humidity of the room, and adjust everything to the most comfortable state. Now let the AI assistant recommend a music for your mood. The infinite expansion of the intelligent life of Anpu is supported by the massive capacity of light and infinite evolution

at 9:00 p.m., Anpu guest room HD TV

turn on the large screen TV. In the rich HD videos, select a high-definition documentary about the West Lake. It has never been so close. In reality, the recycled plastic granulator on the other side of the West Lake, as the main processing machine, will have a vast customer space and the crossing of the ten scenes of the West Lake in the picture, which is also true and illusory. Behind this is the flexibility of light. Only one optical fiber is needed in a room, and the light carries the TV services at the same time. There is no need to deploy multiple networks repeatedly

in the process of planning the smart hotel, Anpu needs to unify more than 10 business systems, such as bearing, TV, TV, video monitoring, building control, IOT, etc. the traditional copper wire network wiring is cumbersome, and the chimney type construction of multiple networks is superimposed, which requires a large investment. At the same time, the evolution of traditional copper wire is poor. Due to its limited transmission bandwidth (cat5:100 Mbps, cat6:1 Gbps), it needs to be rewired every few years. Huawei's all-optical Hotel ip+pol (passive optical LAN) solution realizes the media revolution by replacing traditional copper wire with optical fiber transmission. Based on PON (passive optical network) bearer technology, it connects Wi Fi AP, AC and core switches with a green and minimalist pol network. As the carrier and technology of information transmission, light perfectly matches the needs of the hotel with its flexible, minimalist and advanced characteristics:

flexibility of light: the optical fiber is small in size and weighs about 1/6 of the traditional copper wire. At the same time, the optical fiber wiring is very flexible. One optical fiber can be pulled to the place closest to the information point to split the light, greatly simplifying the wiring and ensuring the beautiful decoration of the hotel

minimalism of light: pol all-optical network. Passive ODN (optical distribution network) is used to replace active equipment in the convergence layer. The minimalist architecture realizes that the third layer of the network becomes the second layer without power supply, air conditioning and weak current machine room, saving valuable space for the hotel

after repeated attempts and efforts with customers, optical advanced can carry a large amount of information, upgrade from 10 Gbps to 50 Gbps and even t BPs in the future. At the same time, the optical fiber has an ultra long service life of 30 years, and there is no need to rewire for future bandwidth upgrade. At the same time, one optical fiber can carry a variety of services, and only one optical fiber and one optical terminal are required for a room. In the evening peak period when guests gather, the high-quality and high bandwidth of the optical fiber network can also ensure the pleasant experience of high-definition video

in the era of light entering and copper retreating, Anpu Hotel actively embraces the pol all-optical networking scheme. The actual deployment proves that the flexible optical fiber wiring enables Anpu hotel to keep the wiring clean and beautiful. We use the weak current room saved by the passive convergence equipment to create a river view pavilion to provide guests with a view to the Qiantang River and the mountains of the West Lake. At the same time, the smooth bandwidth evolution and unified multi service bearer enable us to open more smart services in the future

huangjie, project director of Anpu Hotel

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