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Solvay, the global supplier of special polymers, announced that its high-performance radel polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) polymer helped China Cixi Zhenpeng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. successfully replace the traditional brass products in the HVAC pressurized hot water system by developing a new type of all plastic valve product series

Solvay's high-performance radel polyphenylene sulfone polymer helped Zhenpeng company successfully replace the traditional brass product by developing new all plastic valve series products

the new products launched by Zhenpeng company include the industry's first all PPSU brake valve. The test results of the International Plumbing heating and ventilation machinery Certification Association (iampo) show that the product meets the requirements of ASME a112.18 And CSA b125 Standards

&ems1. Any product may produce collision and vibration due to transportation, use, storage, which may cause the product to produce defective P in a certain period of time; "Due to increasingly stringent global regulatory requirements, the use of brass in drinking water and HVAC system pipe fittings is restricted. Leading innovative enterprises, including Cixi Zhenpeng, are increasingly aware of the value of Solvay's more than 30 years of experience in special polymer technology in this field," said Philippe jacqu ouyangming, global construction market manager of Solvay's special polymer global business unit, ues Leng, "Zhenpeng's innovative all PPSU brake valve not only reduces the application of heavy metals in such products, but also completely eliminates them, providing customers with a safer and more reliable system integration alternative."

in addition to helping Zhenpeng develop full PPSU brake valves, Solvay's high-performance polymers have also contributed to the development of patented one-piece ball valves, stem designs, hemispherical valves, L-type and T-type valves

radel PPSU makes the new product of Zhenpeng no longer suffer from the input corrosion of 3-way AB phase photoelectric encoder. It has the characteristics of reliability and long service life in the whole service life of today's HVAC system. Zhenpeng's all plastic valves and pipe fittings have been listed in the United States and will be available in the European market in the near future

Solvay's radel PPSU has good fatigue resistance, excellent chemical corrosion resistance and high impact strength. Its long-term hydrostatic strength (LTHS) ranks first among sulfone polymers. It is especially suitable for joints in multi-layer pipeline systems. It can be used for 50 years under high pressure of 10B and high temperature of 95C (203f)

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