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High sensitivity AlphaProx: the world's first inductive sensor for measuring small position changes

with the advent of the new AlphaProx ir12 and ir18 high sensitivity sensors, Borg alliance has launched a truly global innovative product: the first standard inductive sensor with self-learning function for measuring small position changes. These two sensors have high sensitivity and high linearity, and are ideal for indirect force measurement. For example, by measuring the deformation of the metal support in the machine, the load acting on the support can be determined. In addition, the only way to solve this problem is to use expensive eddy current sensors or install troublesome strain gauges. In addition to the high cost performance, AlphaProx high sensitivity sensor also has another important advantage: the sensor adopts an innovative self-learning method, which is easy and fast to install and start. Now, there is no need for laborious precise mechanical adjustment

alphaprox high sensitivity sensor has a measurement range of 0.25 mm and can detect micron level position changes even in harsh environments. As the measurement range is reduced, even the smallest displacement will lead to significant changes in the output signal, and even the date and quantity can be marked on the container. It is very convenient to use the standard 8-bit input module for further processing. The measurement range of AlphaProx high sensitivity sensor can also be customized according to customer requirements

although the AlphaProx high sensitivity sensor has high measurement sensitivity, it can be put into use very conveniently and quickly due to the innovative single point self-learning method: just place the sensor at a place about 1 to 3 millimeters in front of the measured object in 1999 when the display is turned on. The sensor can record this position only through the self-learning command, so that the sensor can display the output value defined in this position (offset correction). AlphaProx ir12 and ir18 sensors, like other sensors, can set the start or end position (0V or 10 V); The uniqueness is that the middle position (5V) can also be set. Therefore, these two sensors are very suitable for measuring shaft vibration. The output signal of the sensor is linear in the whole measurement range, and the deviation in mass production is very low. This means that there is no need to adjust one sensor after another when installing multiple sensors, which greatly simplifies the installation. In terms of convenience and efficiency, this is undoubtedly another major advantage

alphaprox high sensitivity sensor has a compact housing design without external amplifier, so it is very attractive and can replace the eddy current sensor. In addition, they are easy to install and do not contact with the object to be measured, so they will not have any impact on it. They are an ideal alternative to strain gauges. Sensors can be installed in different locations, so they are suitable for all machine designs. With the self-learning function, the sensor can also be corrected at any subsequent time if an offset occurs

the AlphaProx inductive distance sensor platform of Baum is very flexible. All products are integrated with estimation and evaluation circuits. It is very cost-effective and suitable for the field of industrial automation. In any case, such as small space and long distance (5) electromagnetic radiation interference interferes with weak current signals such as control signals and detection signals near the output wires of the frequency converter, the environment is harsh, the position changes slightly, and the measurement accuracy is high. The AlphaProx sensor, which is easy to install, can provide a perfect solution for manufacturers to take measures to reduce production capacity and stabilize prices

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