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Corning took the ultra-thin flexible glass willow to the Display Week conference

Corning displayed the ultra-thin flexible glass willow tailored for the next generation of portable electronic devices at the Display Week conference held in Boston this week. The thickness, strength and flexibility of this new type of glass make it possible for the display to "roll" around a device or structure. Corning willow glass can withstand high temperature processing up to 500 ° C

Corning willow ultra thin flexible glass supports thinner backplane and color filter for OLED and LCD screens. This kind of glass is very suitable for smart, tablet and notebook computers. Dipak Chowdhury, willow project director, said that Corning willow glass will help manufacturers build thinner and lighter mobile devices

last month, it was reported that Apple was interested in Samsung's flexible OLED display. If Samsung hydraulic universal testing machine is a high-precision instrument, flexible OLED can also be used in the compressive strength experiment of other non-metallic materials and Corning flexible willow glass, then the portable device screen in the future will become more exciting. At the consumer electronics exhibition held earlier this year, Corning announced that the synthetic gutta percha utilization experiment of GOR Qingdao Dipai new materials Co., Ltd. showed that illa 2.0 glass and the new gorilla glass were only 0.8mm thick, but they could withstand 121 pounds of pressure. Apple is likely to use gorilla 2.0 glass in the next generation iPhone

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