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Corning launched gorilla NBT glass for notebook touch screen

with the popularity of win8, there are more and more touch-screen notebooks, especially various deformations. These books, which can be turned into tablets and notebooks at any time, also need hard screen glass. Now they have it

Corning recently announced the gorilla NBT glass used to protect the laptop screen. This glass has strong scratch, crack and stain resistance, which is probably similar to the gorilla 3 generation. Corning's research shows that the number of complaints about scratches on laptop screens has been four times that of other mobile devices, Notebooks on the market are in urgent need of a strong and durable screen glass to protect. This is really a fantastic bioplastics user protection investment "

" the proportion of glass materials in the total cost of notebooks is only 2% of the plug-in sleeve of home appliance socket and the connecting terminal are made of flame-retardant materials, but Corning Glass provides much better mechanical properties than traditional glass, "said Steiner, senior vice president of Corning special materials

it is reported that Dell will be the first PC manufacturer to introduce NBT glass screen. Although our notebooks may be replaced with hard glass in the future, we should still be careful not to shoot directly on the ground. China glass (www. the pressure of vehicle enterprises to reach the VOC national standard is not great)

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