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Corning ces2017 boasts that the glass age is today

on January 4, Corning announced today that it will display a series of innovations based on glass technology at ces2017 held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8, booth No. 14146 central hall. The theme of Corning's exhibition is "the glass age is today". Glass based innovation is promoting the evolution and interaction of a series of industries, including communications, automobiles, consumer electronics and so on

last year, for ces, the ratio of load to indentation area, Corning launched a series of videos called "one day of glass manufacturing" and achieved great success. This year, Corning will ceremoniously commemorate the 10th anniversary of the launch of gorilla glass, and show the changes of Corning's glass technology to human life. Jeffrey Evenson, Chief Strategic Officer of Corning, said that what "treasures" can't be missed? Let's take a look at this year's exhibition. Dense glass can reshape human life. This year, CES, Corning will share the vision of "the era of glass for protective pillars" with consumers, customers and partners, and work with you to build an innovation ecosystem based on precision glass. Corning believes that glass devices can have the same life cycle as silicon devices and survive for at least another 50 years

at this year's CES, Corning will display glass concept cars, mirrors with AR layers for gyms, and a series of products that support the careful organization of seamless home communication, such as routine monitoring and management of monitored chemicals, home and office customs

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