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Corning estimates that the price of liquid crystal glass substrate fell more this quarter

Corning, a large liquid crystal glass substrate and optical fiber manufacturer, made an announcement before the opening of the U.S. stock market on the 26th? Q3 financial report of 2011: revenue increased by 30% annually (quarterly increase (2) economic benefits improved slightly by 3%) to US $2.075 billion; Earnings per share (EPS) of the industry decreased by 6% year-on-year to $0.48 (the same as the previous quarter). Wendell P. weeks, chairman and executive president of Corning, said that Q3 financial report was in line with the financial measurement data updated in September, and the annual growth rate of revenue of all departments reached double digits. According to Thomson Reuters survey, the average analyst estimates that the revenue and EPS of the industry will reach $2.01 billion and $0.42 respectively. Looking ahead to this quarter, Corning estimates that the output of glass substrates, a wholly-owned enterprise of the display department, is similar to or slightly reduced from Q3, while the quarterly growth rate of SCP is expected to be at least 20% due to the recovery of capacity utilization, and the price decline is expected to be greater than that in previous quarters

Corning said that the display technology department needs to be replaced in a few years. The output of liquid crystal glass substrates of wholly-owned enterprise Q3 increased slightly by 5% compared with the previous quarter (an annual increase of more than 30% due to CPLD programming), while Samsung Corning precision materials Co., Ltd. (SCP) decreased by more than 20% in the quarter (a decrease of 25% compared with the same period last year). Is the combination of the two? The quarterly decrease is 10%, which is consistent with the overall market. The revenue of the display technology department increased by 26% annually (7% quarterly) to $815million. The price of liquid crystal glass substrate is the same as previously expected

James B. flats, deputy director and chief financial officer of Corning, said that although the global demand for LCD TVs is still hot, the reduced capacity utilization of panel manufacturers (especially in South Korea) has led to the contraction of the Q3 display supply chain. At the end of Q3, the inventory level was about 14?, The tensile side below the neutral surface of the sample in 2009 reached a new low since the beginning of elongation along the length direction, which is the reason why Corning will reduce the global liquid crystal glass substrate market size to 3.2 billion square feet this year. Corning originally estimated that it would be between 100 million square feet. In July, it was estimated that? At the time of the financial report, it was revised to be between 100 million square feet (3.15 billion square feet last year)

due to the strong demand for gorilla glass from handheld electronic devices/tablets/Notebooks, Q3's revenue of special materials increased by nearly 90% annually (6% quarterly) to $299million. Last year, gorilla scratch resistant glass brought Corning $250million in revenue

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