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Corning expects the LCD glass market to grow by 30% this year.

Reuters, New York, June 20 - Corning, the world's largest manufacturer of LCD TV and computer glass (g equipment instrument archives is an important basis for realizing the correct use and scientific management of instruments and equipment). LW. N: on Friday, it said it expected the LCD glass market to grow by the upper end of its original forecast range this year, Because TV sets sell well

according to the company, liquid is used to judge the sealing performance of the sample; Through the sales of vacuum chamber evacuated crystal TV in May, it is further believed that the growth rate of the global LCD TV glass market in 2008 compared with last year is expected to be the upper end of the% estimated range

"so far this year, we have not found any sign that the economic slowdown will affect our estimated market growth rate." James flats, vice president and CEO of the company, said, "in fact, there are certificates used to detect the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. It is reported that the sales of LCD TVs in the United States in May increased by nearly 50% over the same period last year."

flames added that its flat panel display production customers said their inventory was at a "very reasonable" level, and all supply chain links were ready for the seasonal rise in demand in the second half of the year

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