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Corning is developing a new generation of anti reflection and anti bacteria glass

we have heard that Corning is developing a new generation of anti reflection and anti bacteria glass before. Now this glass has finally exposed the tip of the iceberg. Dr. Jeffrey Evenson, senior vice president of Corning, revealed the effect of this glass to the participants at the MIT mobile technology summit

we choose the 4-column high-intensity light bar as the support. As we all know, when using outdoors and flat, reflection is a headache. A good panel with some display technology can reduce the reflectivity to less than 5%, but Corning told us that the reflectivity is not enough to fear

Corning produced such a shocking picture at the summit. On the way, I held a piece of ordinary glass, but the part in the middle that people thought was empty was not empty, but Corning's new generation of low reflection glass. According to Jeffrey Evenson, the reflectivity of the new generation of Corning Glass has been close to the air, and we will see new models using this kind of glass in the future

not only that, the new generation of Corning Glass also has a strong antibacterial function. In the test, after being placed in the same environment for 2 hours, the number of microorganisms on the new generation Corning Glass was only one hundredth of that on the ordinary screen glass. This is a blessing for modern people, because research and countless urban legends claim that the screen is dirtier than the toilet, or at least as dirty as the toilet. In any case, for modern people who often contact with various consumer electronic products, a clean touch screen is definitely not a bad thing

Corning did not specify when this kind of glass will be commercialized, but only gave a vague "within two years". Perhaps we will see the amazing performance of this kind of glass above the revocation of the two anti slip test methods astmf489 and astmf1677 widely used in iPhone 7 or galaxy S6 at that time.

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