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What is the artery of the future development of the printing industry

since Gutenberg invented type printing, the modern printing industry has developed for more than 600 years, especially in the 20th century. After entering the twenty-firstcentury, the development of electronic technology and networks has brought unprecedented tests to the printing industry. E-books and electronic publishing have come one after another, resulting in the shrinkage of the printing market, and the printing industry has entered an era of low profits

in the face of various negative impacts on the printing industry, where is the way out for the printing industry? This is what our generation should face and pursue. Whether the printing industry will withdraw from the historical stage is a question worthy of our consideration. In the future, although the scale and scope of the medium and low-end printing product market may be reduced, there will still be a certain market, but it will not be the Chinese food of state-owned printing enterprises; The high-quality printing market has great potential, and state-owned enterprises have the strength and ability to enter. In this sense, good quality printing may be the only life channel we can build for ourselves after the electronic teaching materials

if printing enterprises want to survive in the post printing era, they must abandon some traditional outdated technologies and theories. It's better to cherish yourself. But we should adjust measures to local conditions. Under the dual pressure of electronics and networks, the printing industry must drive the development of enterprises through high-quality printing. In the future, the packaging industry is a major way out for printing. According to statistics, 1. Packaging and printing in the aerospace field, which is mostly used in high technology in the United States, has accounted for more than 30% of the entire printing market. Therefore, the printing industry will show its ambition in high-quality printing in the future

comment: the output value of China's packaging industry in 2009 was about 800 billion yuan. According to expert statistics, the total output value of the packaging industry this year will exceed trillion yuan. Therefore, packaging and printing in the future will be an important development path of the printing industry. With the rise of e-books, although it can not replace the role of traditional books in book publishing in a short time, with the development of technology, the impact of e-books will be highlighted, and more and more markets will be replaced by electronic publishing. Traditional book printing enterprises need to take precautions and actively look for a way out for the future of the printing industry, and boutique printing will serve packaging and personalized printing in the future, There will be great market demand in Weilai, which is the way for printing enterprises to seek breakthroughs in the future

since ancient times, food and clothing has been the most basic material pursuit, while reading and learning is the spiritual pursuit. In recent years, when people's requirements for food and clothing and reading have been easily met, they began to pursue a higher level of spiritual pursuit. When this result is not the most perfect, it is necessary to upgrade printing from ordinary to exquisite. When the traditional black and white words can no longer meet people's needs, it is time for us to consider whether we should replace them with black and white words

comment: digital publishing has a huge impact on traditional printing. In the face of such a huge change, the printing industry should take the initiative to find a way out and change its consistent business thinking. Fine printing is a good way, but not every printing enterprise is suitable for the transformation to fine printing. Compared with mass printing, the market of fine printing is limited after all. The cutting position and direction of the two sample blanks are Yachang in front and Yingtian in the back. How big is the market cake of fine printing? I also hope that all printing enterprises will ponder carefully. After entering the fine printing market with great efforts, they will find that this market has been saturated and have no share. There is a saying that we should be careful in transformation. Don't blindly follow the trend. Choose a route suitable for our own enterprise. This value is the impact absorption power, which is the most important

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