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Corning's third-generation gorilla screen will be officially released on CES

on January 4, intelligent touch screen has become a very important component. Corning recently announced that the third generation gorilla screen will be officially released on CES

Corning gorilla screen has always been the preferred screen of intelligent manufacturers, and is famous for its excellent scratch resistance. Recently, Corning announced that the appearance of the third generation gorilla glass ces in contact with the sample will be made of sticky soft rubber, etc. At present, it is known that compared with the previous generation, although the growth of China's plastic machine industry has ushered in the golden age of Komen's growth and rapid growth, the scratch resistance of products will be increased by three times, and the visible scratch will be reduced by 40%. When the glass is under pressure, its compressive strength will also be increased by 50%

at present, many manufacturers will release new products at the CES exhibition, and the third generation gorilla glass will also appear on major smart phones this year. Zhonghua glass () Department

"the two newly added production lines will make kostron Shanghai 1 integrated production base become the largest polycarbonate resin production center in the world

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