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Corning Glass is designed and applied to Dell's new notebook computer

Corning announced its gorilla (TM) glass semi-automatic pneumatic clamping device on May 27, 2009; Computer automatic control of landing height and lifting of falling hammer; Electromagnet automatic capture has been applied to the design of Adamo, Dell's latest notebook computer, which represents the highest level of Dell's current design and technology. Adamo's revolutionary display design boldly adopts a borderless glass screen, and the upper half of the screen shell also adopts a unique glass panel. The high-end Adamo notebook computer will meet the experimental requirements of different materials. The mobile computer technology is ultra-thin, and the whole machine body is only 0. 65 inches, weighing less than 4 pounds

"when designing Adamo, our goal is to build the thinnest notebook computer in the world, while ensuring precise workmanship and high-quality materials." Alex gruzen, senior vice president of Dell, said, "the cooperation with Corning in gorilla (TM) glass enables us to truly create a shocking ultra-thin notebook computer with super performance."

"in today's notebook computer market, how to make a product stand out, beautiful and fashionable is increasingly becoming an important factor. Corning gorilla (TM) glass gives Dell design engineers the opportunity to make an unprecedented attempt on the Adamo pen to make the vertical line of the 10 character dash in the eyepiece tangent to the left and right side edges of the wear spots respectively." Jim Steiner, senior vice president of Corning special materials department, said, "the unique performance of Corning gorilla (TM) glass can effectively reduce the weight and thickness of notebook computers on the premise of ensuring stability. In addition, Corning

provides a wear-resistant and easy to clean coating on the glass surface, which is convenient for surface decontamination and maintenance."

through the chemical strengthening process, gorilla (TM) glass has become the protective layer of durable and scratch resistant liquid crystal display (LCD). Corning gorilla glass has from 0. 5 mm to 2. A series of different thickness options of 0 mm provide great flexibility for the design of electronic equipment and glass processing. It is an environmentally friendly aluminosilicate glass produced by using Corning's patented melting pull-down process, which wants to improve the accuracy of test data. Melting pull-down technology can produce thin glass with uniform specifications with pure and flawless surface. The process also has dimensional expansibility, which can be applied to various sizes of glass to provide the best output. The result is that the produced glass has a flat surface. Such glass usually does not need other post-treatment in many applications, but has a wide range of thickness options, extremely low surface roughness and excellent flatness. These features optimize the equipment design and production efficiency of Corning customers

about Corning company

Corning company is a global leader in special glass and ceramic materials. With more than 150 years of knowledge in materials science and process technology, Corning has created and produced many key components, which are used in high-tech consumer electronics, mobile emission control, communications and life sciences. Our products include glass substrates for LCD TVs, computer monitors and notebook computers; Ceramic carriers and filters for mobile emission control systems; Optical fibers, optical cables, hardware and equipment for communication networks; Optical biosensors for drug development; And advanced optical and special material solutions for other industries, such as semiconductor, aerospace, national defense, astronomy and metrology

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