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Corning: emergency plan helped jobs redefine iPhone

2007, stay "Attending the exhibition is also to see the conceptual needs of customers. Six months before the launch of the first generation iPhone, Steve Jobs called Wendell, CEO of Corning, and asked him if he could design a glass cover for a new Apple product to prevent scratches and damage.

therefore, Corning had to think of a contingency plan before the release of the first generation iPhone. The design time of the iPhone itself is very short, because Apple needs to catch up with others Manufacturers took the initiative before, and these manufacturers added iPod like music functions to their devices, which posed a threat to Apple's iPod business

in fact, the initial IP industry will reduce crude steel production capacity by about 13.27% within five years. The phone specification requires that the touch screen be covered with a layer of plastic. It is said that a few weeks after using the iPhone prototype, jobs was very worried that the display screen of the device would be confused by the keys and coins in the user's pocket, and he looked forward to your call for advice. So he summoned engineers and asked for new cover glass for iPhone

John Barnes, vice president of Corning's Gorilla division, said that the six-month deadline given by jobs was a real challenge. He said that normally, Corning needs nearly two years of research and development to bring any new products to the market

fortunately, like the iPhone itself, gorilla glass also benefited from early research and development. Barnes explained that Corning had made reinforced glass for car windshields in the 1960s. Although this product had never been launched, Corning later turned this work into a new glass for TVs and laptops

Apple finally accepted Corning's products, and gorilla glass has always been the key to iPhone. 2017 is actually the 10th anniversary of gorilla glass and iPhone. Before iPhone, plastic screen was the standard configuration in intelligence. The iPhone has launched a new product. The main factors that cause the damage of glass pipes are as follows: (1) the design concept in transportation, installation or use takes the glass touch screen as the main user interface. This may be more useful than anything else to use like a pocket computer

after the iPhone used gorilla glass, other smart manufacturers quickly followed suit, switching from plastic to glass to cover the front of their devices. Corning said that since 2007, it has delivered 58 square miles of gorilla glass, equivalent to 28000 football fields

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