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Corning announced that the world's first intelligent

equipped with the sixth generation gorilla glass, Corning announced on August 2 that oppo Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. (oppo) will become the first to adopt Corning? The sixth generation of gorillas? Glass, the latest breakthrough product in Corning cover glass technology, is a mobile device manufacturer. Oppo's new flagship model equipped with the sixth generation gorilla glass is scheduled to be released in the next few weeks

the sixth generation gorilla glass officially launched in July 2018 is by far the most durable cover glass of Corning. According to the survey data, consumers fall on average seven times a year. In order to further improve the performance of cover glass, Corning scientists developed and designed a new material to meet the challenge of multiple falls. In laboratory tests, the sixth generation gorilla glass can withstand an average of 15 drops from a height of 1 meter to a rough surface. Under the same test conditions, other competitive glasses, such as soda lime and aluminosilicate glass, were damaged when they fell for the first time

John Bayne, vice president and general manager of Corning gorilla glass, said, "we are very happy to see that oppo adopts the sixth generation gorilla glass. Oppo's new flagship model will provide consumers in the digital age who always rely on intelligence for interaction with devices that can better resist multiple fall injuries."

oppo not only applies the sixth generation of gorilla glass to its latest flagship model, but also is one of the loyal users of the fifth generation of gorilla glass. Many of its intelligent products use the fifth generation of gorilla fusion new energy vehicle manufacturers, and began to force power battery manufacturers to reduce the price range of 220 ~ 240 ℃ gorilla glass as the cover glass, including the recently released oppo find X and R15 models approved by FDA

Wu Henggang, vice president of oppo, said, "oppo and Corning have always maintained a close cooperative relationship. We have brought excellent use experience to global consumers through a variety of oppo smart products. We are very excited to be the first to commercially use Corning's sixth generation gorilla glass on the new smart products that oppo will soon release. We believe that global consumers will receive unprecedented structural test of Jinan assaying press."

nowadays, more than 45 mainstream brands and more than 6billion devices use Corning gorilla glass. Corning's sixth generation gorilla glass is the latest example of Corning's commitment to continuous innovation - giving play to its core understanding of material science and process R & D expertise to create life changing products

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