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Equiinet Xu Tingting: the heart of learning determines where you will be five years later

God is very stingy, giving us 24 hours a day; God is also very fair, giving everyone 24 hours a day. Whether you are poor or rich, everyone is equal in front of time

compared with the United States, class has not been formed in China. Although everyone now generally begins to talk about circles, the good news is: class solidification has not yet been formed, and you can still hear Cinderella marry Gao Fu Shuai; The inspirational story of the Phoenix man welcoming Bai Fumei. Economists in China should be gratified because the class has not yet solidified and society is still flowing. In the United States, the other half of economists is likely to be economists, the wife of a scientist is likely to be a scientist, and the wife of a technology tycoon is likely to be a famous model. People tend to marry people of the same class. In China, all this has not yet taken shape, and we should be grateful! However, the development line of our country is moving towards classification. In N years, your children and grandchildren will see the formation of classes. Therefore, before the class is solidified, we still have time to fight for a new world through our own efforts

how can it be achieved

through learning, through continuous improvement of personal cognition, through continuous upgrading of their own circles. And learning is a hard job. If it is easy, then everyone has the right to run for president. Therefore, the biggest difference between people is brain. To put it more popularly: cognitive differences. Why does Qin Tefu point out that the cognitive system of niuren is more perfect than ours? Why can the strategic thinking of niuren be so clear

the knowledge learned in textbooks is the experience summarized by predecessors. It can't be said to be useless, but it's really not very useful. Can you still use the geometry you learned in junior high school? It is actually training us to think logically. What really plays a decisive role in a person's life is to see whether the person has the ability to constantly learn and whether his cognition is constantly upgrading. It's like we used to use 286 computers, and then upgraded to 586, and then to I3, i5, and i7

how to learn better

making good use of time is an important key. We have to deal with so many things in a day, which makes us tired physically and mentally. There is no whole block of time to study, but if we don't study, we will soon run out of energy. Because people are like a battery, where you can navigate continuously without charging

we work 8 hours a day and sleep 8 hours. What you do in the remaining 8 hours actually determines your life direction in 5 or even 10 years. Remember the inspirational story of Kobe getting up at 4 o'clock every day and training two more games than others every day? Two games a day, 12 games a week (rest on Sunday), 600 games a year and 3000 games in five years. How can his competitors compete with a person who has trained more than 3000 times on the field? Therefore, Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, has established his Mamba spirit since then

if a person insists on studying for 2 hours every day, 12 hours a week, 600 hours a year, 3000 hours five years and 6000 hours ten years, then his cognitive system must be stronger than that of ordinary people. Learning is not difficult, but it is difficult to persevere. If you form the habit of learning quickly, your heart will be less afraid and more humble. Because of the boundless sea of books and the boundless sea of learning, I am just a boat, and humility is natural

make good use of fragmented time to study

if you don't have 2 hours a day to use, then use fragmented time to study. For example, the washing time after getting up early, the way to work, and the way to run after dinner. In order to cater to the busy pace of modern life, many learning tools have launched audio programs, so that everyone doesn't need to watch, just need to listen. I personally like [get] app very much, and I basically devote my spare time to the paid column here

don't be bombarded by information, choose what you want

now we are bombarded by all kinds of fragmented information. My practice is not to look, keep my heart quiet, only choose what I think is nutritious, and shield what the outside world forces on me. So many times, I'm the last one in the company to know the new words. Our post-90s always laugh at me and say: Hall sister, you're out. But I must be the latest one in the company to know the latest management concept. Because I chose the information I needed and blocked what I didn't want. Because I have too many friends, I seldom watch the circle of friends. If I want to apologize to my true friends here, it's not that I don't care about your life, but that when I open the circle of friends, I am instantly submerged in the ocean of information and often can't see the news of my true friends. You can only click regularly to enter the circle of friends, and then find that it was sent a week ago. Well, I'll just have a look and leave no comments. Therefore, choose what you need and eat nutritiously. Like diet, spiritual food also needs to be healthy

choose paid content and save time

an increase of nearly 4700% year-on-year. I'm not a local tyrant, not to say that content that doesn't cost money is bad, but some paid columns, which sincerely save time for customers, are my great love, such as the [listen to this book every day] column of [get]. When I am too busy to read, I listen to a book for 20 minutes on the way to and from work, or when I go out for a walk at night. Therefore, I choose to save time, ask someone to help me read, and then tell me where the essence is. If this book is particularly attractive to me, I will buy it again to read it

learning needs interaction

simply listen to this book, and your point of view will become yours? over my dead body! Learning requires interaction. If you don't reflect on a point of view, or apply it to life and work, then the point of view is still a point of view, you are still you, and you are still parallel, and there can be no intersection. If you want to constantly upgrade your cognition, you need to interact with knowledge. Only when you interact can you become yours

how to interact with the knowledge that must be closed

apply your good ideas to life and make positive changes; Use the methods you think are good in your work to help improve work efficiency; Share what you think is right with your partner, either orally or in writing, and add your own insights. In short, knowledge needs interaction to become yours. When it needs to be used, it will listen to your dispatch at any time

what? What are the benefits of learning

there is no need to say more about the benefits of learning here. If you have to, break it up and crush it. Let's talk about it. Learning can increase new knowledge and break our traditional cognitive model; Breaking our old cognitive model is conducive to our growth; We have grown up, which represents the upgrading of cognitive ability and the upgrading of ability, skills and thinking ability again; The ability, skills and thinking ability can help you get more network resources and social resources, because more people will need you; More people need you, which means that you are more scarce. Wealth and freedom will follow, and the influence will increase, and the greater contribution you can make to society. The greater contribution you can make to society means that you can achieve the ultimate goal of mankind: the highest level of Maslow's pyramid principle - the realization of self-worth. Many great men have exerted extraordinary positive influence on mankind, such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, etc. On the contrary, they have also realized their personal values. Life is not in vain, and they have made the greatest contribution to the people who love them. And then? No, my certification level is limited, only to this step.:)

after reading this article, are you ready to make a plan for learning and progress? In fact, it's never too late to change. The most important thing is that you want to change and take action. On the way to growth, let's cheer together

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