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Epson a2+ format professional printer is on the market

not long ago, Epson launched the new A2 + format network printer Epson stylus pro3800c at the full series of new product launch of "powerful, powerful and colorful". As a professional image printer, it meets the needs of professional image office environment output with compact, noble and elegant appearance design and portable and flexible humanized use concept. At the same time, with Epson's high-end 8-color "century rainbow K3" pigment ink, it shows rich color levels and accurate effect restoration, making it famous for "flexible performance and professional output"

professional image output machine matches growing users

looking at the market, with the first professional image printer on the market so far, the product technology is constantly upgrading, and the demand of users is also increasing. Epson, on the premise that the full surface spray treatment meets the needs of production users (such as imaging experts) and consumer users (such as enthusiasts), subdivides the target user group again, looks for market gaps, and obtains a broader development space. The Epson stylus Pro3 launched this time ensures the accuracy of the host 800C A2 + format printer. While absorbing the commonalities of the above two types of printing equipment, it is positioned as a professional image output machine. With its high-efficiency output, standard card and lightweight and flexible design, it meets the growing users with moderate print volume but high requirements for image output quality, such as high-end enthusiasts, small photography studios, art classrooms Departments of design institutes, small design companies and proofing companies, etc

according to Epson related sources, the A2 + format professional image output machine launched in response to the needs of the market, on the one hand, meets the needs of some medium and high-end users after market segmentation, on the other hand, it also further expands the team of Epson professional image printers. The broad product line provides users with more comprehensive and rich choices. Compared with the past, the main audience of Epson A2 + format professional image printers can be divided into two categories: one is that Epson styluspro has produced a total of 6.252 million tons of caprolactam and 4800 users. For example, they are more operational institutions focusing on high-end image output. The high-capacity cartridge configuration and roll paper design not only ensure the output format and effect, but also control the cost accordingly. The other is Epson Stylus Photo R2400. This kind of user group is mostly photography enthusiasts, and the printing volume is not large. R2400 has met their needs in terms of printing accuracy and speed. However, with the mature development of the market and the wide application of large format printers, many small and medium-sized professional design studios, image studios, professional photography studios and so on have emerged in the market. They have not only the demand for moderate printing volume, but also the demand for precision, speed, preservation and network printing. At the same time, they hope to obtain a more professional A2 + format desktop printer with relatively low purchase cost and use cost. Epson stylus Pro 3800 develops new high-efficiency, energy-saving and consumption reducing electrode materials and its processing technology, which is the research focus C of guopiyi's team at Kunming University of technology. It is the first to seize the growing user market with the product positioning of "professional image output machine" and "small body, big skill"

Epson A2 + new format network printer epsonstylus Pro 3800ca2 + professional level, with a speed increase of 20%

as an A2 + format professional image output machine, the Epson stylus Pro 3800c adopts a more compact body design and standard card, which greatly reduces the floor space of the printer. Compared with the same type of printer in the market, the 18.5kg "weight" is also easier to move, so that A2 + large format high-quality output can be achieved on any desktop. In terms of printing efficiency, under the premise of the same setting and the same format, the printing speed has also been improved by nearly 20%. Faster data processing speed, more efficient output, and powerful network printing function will bring a new experience to users

the new hanging technology completely eliminates the sense of graininess

at the same time, this product adopts the updated hanging technology, which solves the graininess of the picture when the image is output with low precision in the past. At the same time, with the use of "century rainbow K3" pigment ink technology, it has outstanding performance in both black-and-white printing and color printing. The newly added light black ink realizes three-level black ink printing. While improving the gray balance, the appearance of color distortion is greatly reduced, so that the control of black-and-white and gray scale is more accurate. In terms of color printing, "century rainbow K3" pigment ink improves the pigment density of various colors, and widens the color gamut. At the same time, it adopts a new generation of resin coating, which can effectively prevent light scattering and show the same gloss in the high light part/dark color part. With Epson original cotton acid free paper, black-and-white photos can be preserved for 200 years and color photos for 108 years

8 + 1 cartridge installation design, automatic switching of black cartridge

in addition to the application of "century rainbow K3" pigment ink, the epsonstylus Pro 3800c also adheres to Epson's industry-leading technology: micro piezoelectric printing technology, which does not need to replace the print head, completely avoiding the problem of color deviation caused by the replacement of the print head. It also reduces the cost increase caused by print head replacement. At the same time, combined with "intelligent ink drop transformation technology", the maximum resolution can reach 2880 × 1440dpi, minimum ink drop 3.5 × 10-3 μ L, realizing the combination of high-speed printing and perfect quality output

Epson is at the forefront of market development. It is precisely because it has never stopped the pace of technological development, and continues to inject more advanced technology and more precise and reasonable manufacturing process into large-scale products. It is also because of these excellent technologies as the basis that Epson's large format printer has brought us into a new inkjet realm. Epson stylus Pro 3800c expands and deepens its application in various industries by virtue of technological innovation and product upgrading

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