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Epson appeared at the Industrial Expo to provide new ideas for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

on September 15, 2020, the 22nd China International Industrial Expo, a major exhibition of China's manufacturing industry, kicked off in Shanghai. As an expert in small industrial robots, Epson brought the latest industrial robot solutions and products to the exhibition to help the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

intelligent factory, intelligent production

intelligent manufacturing is the performance of the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. With the rapid development of manufacturing automation in China, it has become one of the main driving forces of the manufacturing industry. The construction of information infrastructure represented by IOT (IOT) is the top priority of development, promoting cost reduction, efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading in all industries

in order to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, Epson launched intelligent factory solutions, providing a new way for enterprises to realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing. Epson intelligent factory solution helps realize automation of production line inspection by using 48V DC driven six axis robot vt6l-dc and Epson robot management system RMS, effectively reducing inspection cost and labor intensity, and improving inspection efficiency and quality at the same time. This plan also has the ability to assist the factory in overall planning, and can comprehensively perceive the status of the production line to achieve the effect of real-time supervision. Realize more efficient information processing, more flexible and convenient applications, and more intelligent plant operation and maintenance

as a member of smart factory, Tianjin Epson Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjin Epson factory) is a classic embodiment of smart factory solutions. Tianjin Epson factory is mainly responsible for the manufacturing of key components of Epson, such as needle printer printheads. It is an important production base of Seiko group

the factory has implemented automation since 2017. At present, the overall automation of the production line has been completed, and a total of 104 robots of 8 models are used for on-site production. The new automatic production mode has provided the factory with higher production quality assurance, effectively reduced the production labor cost, increased the overall production efficiency by 37%, and saved the labor cost equivalent to 108 workers. Moreover, Tianjin Epson factory can connect with Japan through IOT, and all personnel can conduct remote guidance and judgment, effectively ensuring the overall equipment operation status and quality, improving work efficiency, and making the intelligent factory more intelligent

flexible supply will constitute a trading market with a huge turnover. Flexible production

manufacturing enterprises are facing more and more production needs of small batches and various types, and the iteration speed of products is accelerated, so the production line also needs to be more flexible. Epson's flexible material supply solution has enough flexibility to easily cope with this trend of a total investment of 8.2 billion yuan. Epson SCARA robot t3+ls3+ fifth axis unit is equipped with Epson vision system and anyfeeder intelligent feeding system (third-party feeding system) to iterate the traditional feeding mode. The standardized maintenance of workstations is more convenient, and the yield has increased rapidly. The integrated five axis unit can solve the problem of workpiece posture turnover in one stop, making the flexible feeding more high-quality and efficient

automatic labeling, cost reduction and efficiency increase

in addition to being an expert in small industrial robots, Epson also has a leading position in the field of color industrial printing. In this exhibition, Epson made a special appearance with the latest scheme combining robots and label printing. Labeling is an indispensable part of modern packaging, and the demand is huge. Traditional manual labeling is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also faces problems such as low efficiency, skew and wrinkle, which cannot meet the increasingly automated high-speed production line. Therefore, the automatic labeling scheme with high efficiency, low cost and high stability has become an urgent need for manufacturers

in this exhibition, Epson will combine Epson industrial food safety robot ls6, Epson vision system PV1 and Epson label printer to bring a printer labeling robot solution. It supports personalized, multi batch and small batch color waterproof label printing and labeling, which greatly improves work efficiency, reduces the set heating rate and upper temperature limit, and reduces labor intensity. Stimulated by the new production mode, it drives the change of production process and brings new production methods of cost reduction and efficiency increase to customers

pattern assembly, one-stop production

one-stop production is a good medicine to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Epson LCD module assembly scheme is composed of Epson robot c4/ls3+ Epson vision system cv2+ and Epson pressure sensor +gui, which can realize flexible assembly of LCD screen. Robot, vision, pressure, interface assembly one-stop solution, high assembly yield and high production efficiency. Its quick change capability can meet the needs of various screen assembly, and one-stop production is convenient and worry-free

personalized clothing, automated production

Epson will combine star products, not only optimize product quality, but also optimize production methods. Epson robot six axis n6+ Epson color printing scheme combination attack, to achieve personalized production of clothes, at the same time, it has more automatic production capacity. Epson folding six axis robot N6 can effectively use space and reduce the floor area of the equipment in the process of automatic production. One stop personalized T-shirt customization, easy to operate, improves production efficiency and yield, and provides more efficient and convenient production experience for garment manufacturing customers

through this Industrial Expo, Epson showed the public the efficiency and application value of Epson industrial robots and their solutions. Epson will always adhere to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, provide users with more innovative products and richer solutions, and help the digital transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

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