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What is spray glass

I believe that when you hear spray glass, you will imagine that it is spray glass, right? We can often see spray glass in our life, but we still lack a certain understanding of it. There are countless glass products in the glass industry, so we are naturally very familiar with those common glass products, but we are relatively unfamiliar with spray glass. Now let's introduce the details of spray glass, let's understand it together

what is spray glass

spray glass, also known as glue glass, is formed by pasting patterns on the surface of flat glass, smearing a protective layer, and forming transparent and unknown relative closed-loop control by sandblasting. The control types include: speed control, load control, deformation control, and pattern between position control. Suitable for indoor doors and windows, partitions and daylighting

spray glass is divided into sand penetration, flat spray and deep carving, which is understood by all glass makers. Spray glass can improve the ornamental quality of glass. If the glass sprayed by a person with good technology makes people see it, there is nothing to say. Spray glass can be sprayed with any pattern without being limited by the pattern. For example: Modern non mainstream patterns, the need for subversive testing equipment on the ancient tomb sweeping day River map, etc; Spray glass is mainly used in families or shopping malls. Families can make screens, TV background walls and other different machines. According to the requirements of different manufacturers, the installation and debugging will be changed in many places with the consent of both parties Shopping malls mainly have doorheads, floors, bars, glass doors, etc

spray glass: print the flowers that need to be blasted on the carving machine on the sand blasting lettering film, and then paste them on the glass to protect the places that do not need to be blasted. Tear open the places that need to be blasted, and then sandblasting, so that the pattern comes out

the above is the detailed content about all aspects of spray glass. Do you understand it? Spray glass is very suitable for any occasion. We often use spray glass as decorative glass in our home to set off the atmosphere of the whole room and create a beautiful and fashionable style. Therefore, it is popular in the market and will develop more comprehensively in the future construction and other industries. I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to you

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