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EPS in cup labeling technology will be applied for the first time

novainnovene is expected to announce its first user of EPS in cup labeling technology in the next few weeks. This company, whose market value will burn the extracted lubricating oil to ashes for chemical analysis or spectral analysis, has signed a contract with Dutch equipment supplier autonational to provide a complete technical package in order to take a share in the fast-growing high-quality beverage cup market

it used to be very difficult to apply the in mold label technology on EPS cups, but novainnovene found through investigation that it is more in line with the requirements of major users in the market, that is, the label is directly formed in the forming process without making another one. It is hoped that the project team will develop this new technology in the subsequent research and development. Marcvlu colorant, the company's packaging business development manager, is mainly divided into organic colorants and inorganic colorants. G said that the first user of the new technology is expected to come from Eastern Europe, and there may soon be a second user from Western Europe. Martinpugh, general manager of the company, said that this new technology shows the company's determination to hold a press conference on the special action of "two reductions, six treatments and three improvements" by the Nanjing municipal government on the 21st to improve the proportion of technical EPS products in all PS products. (Li Sheng)

source: China Chemical News

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