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Equiinet helps Chaoyang human resources upgrade IP communication + customer service center system

in August, with the help of Beijing partners, equiinet is very lucky to provide a complete set of enterprise office system + customer service center system for Beijing Chaoyang human resources public service center. Here, we would like to thank our customers for choosing us and our partners for their local door-to-door service

Part. 1 enterprise profile

from a country to a city, the introduction of talents and the protection of social welfare are two very important parts. The introduction of excellent talents can help cities and even countries develop better; Good social welfare will not only attract more excellent talents, but also help cities and countries retain elite talents. Therefore, human resources are related to the development of cities, and social welfare security is related to the stability of cities

Beijing Chaoyang District human resources public service center is mainly responsible for human resources and social security affairs in Chaoyang District. Its main responsibilities are: to formulate the development plan of human resources and social security undertakings in the region, and promote the rational flow and effective allocation of human resources. Formulate talent introduction policies and measures, and organize their implementation. To be responsible for the overall management of social insurance work in the district and the comprehensive management of the wages and benefits of retirees

Part. 2 enterprise demand solutions

every enterprise is a grateful user in equiinet's heart. Equiinet and the agent team will try their best to provide perfect solutions to help enterprises improve communication efficiency and reduce communication costs

demand 1: Chaoyang human resources, with both 300 corporate office needs and 20 call center needs

equiinet solution: it provides customers with a complete set of enterprise office system + customer service center system. This avoids the inconvenience that the two systems need to be completely independent and used separately. For example, the two systems cannot transfer calls or share outbound lines

demand 2: the company has a call center business, and a large number of people call in and out at the same time every day

equiinet solution: Based on the needs of multiple businesses and employees, equiinet recommends that users use 30b+d lines to enable call center employees to call in and out at the same time; Let the office staff in need have a direct dial line, so that they can contact customers directly

demand 3: Chaoyang human resources hopes to ensure that customers have a good incoming call experience. After customers call, they can quickly find the business department they need to find and enter the call queue

equiinet solution: in order to help customers have a good incoming call experience, equiinet helps customers configure multi-layer voice navigation (IVR) and voice queues. It is convenient for customers to quickly find the Department they need

demand 4: Chaoyang human resources hopes that voice navigation can realize TTS text to voice function, so as to avoid the inconsistency of front desk voice caused by staff loss or replacement, which will affect the customer experience

equiinet solution: Cina call center system comes with TTS function. Customers only need to input text to convert text into artificial voice. The sound effect is very similar to that of a real person

demand 5: the customer hopes that the intelligent voice front desk can automatically switch between work and work. For holidays, the voice front desk can automatically broadcast holiday voice prompts

equiinet solution: different foreground tones are developed for customers according to their needs. For example: A. intelligent voice front desk, which can automatically switch between work and commuting; b. During holidays, the voice front desk can automatically broadcast holiday voice prompts

demand 6: for some important departments, each employee needs to be equipped with a straight line, which is used to direct the factors affecting the accuracy of the tester, incoming and outgoing calls

equiinet solution: on the 30b+d line, a separate straight line is configured for employees in specific departments, so that employees can directly contact customers. Customers can also directly dial back to find the phase force sensor. 1. Generally, the hydraulic pressure sensor should be used to respond to personnel

demand 7: the business department of the company has purchased analog phones before. It is hoped that this system iteration can continue to be used to save overall expenses

equiinet solution: in order to enable the company's original analog phone to continue to be used, customers are recommended to use FXS spoken voice off, so that the analog phone can be registered to equiinet's IP communication system Justina with the help of FXS spoken voice off. In the future, you can buy IP phones directly and register with the system without purchasing additional authorization. The authorization of analog phones and IP phones is common

demand 8: the company's fax machine hopes to be connected to the new IP system and continue to be used

equiinet solution: use FXS voice switch with multiple ports to connect the line on E1 with the traditional fax machine, so that the fax machine has an independent outgoing line on E1, so that it can send and receive faxes without being affected by other devices

Part. 3 network topology

part 4 program highlights

highlight 1: shared by enterprise office system + call center system. The customer uses Justina +cina two systems. The two systems are connected by IP, so that the systems can communicate with each other. At the same time, the call center seats can call in and out at the same time, and some employees have independent special lines

highlight 2: artificial intelligence voice front desk. Artificial intelligence voice front desk, TTS function flexibly customizes many voices for customers, so that users don't have to worry about the changes of front desk voice caused by personnel changes. At the same time, the intelligent front desk voice is not limited by time. Customers can record it at any time, and the multi-level front desk voice can meet the needs of customers at multiple business levels

highlight 3: s spoken voice off helps customers continue to use the original analog phone. Through the corresponding configuration of the s-port voice switch, the original analog phone is used, and the incoming and outgoing calls are the same as the IP phone, saving user expenses

highlight 4: s oral sound off enables the continued use of traditional fax machines. Through the corresponding configuration of the s-port voice switch, take out the special line from the E1 line and assign it to the fax machine, so that the fax machine can send and receive faxes normally without being affected by other equipment

Part. 5 equiinet brand profile

equiinet was founded in the UK in 1998 to provide a safe start for the UK primary and secondary education market. In 2010, it entered the western market of the United States to provide integrated communication services for small and medium-sized enterprises. At the beginning of 2014, it acquired ubiquita of the United States and merged into equiinet, a company with global business coverage. He came to China in early 2015, expecting to provide one-stop integrated communication solution services with high cooling effect and fast price ratio for growing Chinese enterprises

equiinet has more than 50000 servers deployed in 40 countries around the world, and provides technical support services to global customers through local partners. It holds 80% of the primary and secondary education market share in the UK; Provide IP communication operation and maintenance services for nearly 1000 small and medium-sized enterprises in western cities of the United States; In China, the technology landing service has covered 19 provinces. The high stability, strong compatibility, versatility and high cost performance of the system have been recognized and praised by local partners and customers in 2008

your wise purchase decision is to better serve the future of the enterprise

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