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EQUINET private cloud disk "in hand" privacy and security I have

a notice that 360 cloud disk is about to be closed, so that many users are caught off guard, and have to download and back up the data in their cloud disk to a safe place before closing

whether it's the user data leakage of Baidu cloud disk or the shutdown of 360 cloud disk this time, what we can see is an unsafe public cloud, an unstable public cloud. In the near future, we can boldly speculate that the shutdown of Baidu cloud disk is also very likely

companies or individuals store files on cloud disks for more efficient and convenient work, but without a stable, safe and reliable cloud disk whose liver function is constantly expanding, who will protect the interests of enterprises and individuals

equiinet's integrated communication machine Justina perfectly solves the current enterprise's demand for cloud disk and concerns about cloud disk security. Its own 500g private disk is the main body of food contact material safety compliance. People have cloud disk (which can be expanded to 2t) to meet the needs of enterprises and employees for cloud storage space

let's take a look at what features jutsina's local private cloud disk has:

feature 1: real time transmission is very convenient

using Justina's local private cloud, you can find the information you want from the cloud disk anytime and anywhere. Monitoring videos, call recording, financial statements, etc. are not a problem, and must be the latest version

feature 2: the distinction between public and private is very intimate

the Justina local private cloud disk in the company allows everyone to have their own private cloud while improving production efficiency. At the same time, different departments can share a common public cloud disk. The distinction between public and private is safe and convenient. In the future, China will have a demand of 3million tons

feature 3: local storage is very secure

because it is the local private cloud of the enterprise, users do not have to worry about data leakage, and all materials are stored locally. Perhaps the only thing customers need to care about is when to expand the built-in cloud disk of jutsina500g to 2T

after reading these introductions, do you really want to try the local private cloud disk that Justina comes with? If you have any idea, please contact us quickly! There is no need to wait for the public cloud disks to close. What are you waiting for? Come and experience the convenience brought by the company's own private cloud

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