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Equinix appoints Jon Lin as president of the Americas

Equinix announced the appointment of Jon Lin, a senior employee of Equinix, as president of the Americas. He will succeed Karl strohmeyer and be responsible for Equinix's regional management, strategy and growth plan in the Americas, including its existing operations in Brazil, Canada, Colombia and the United States. Karl strohmeyer has been president of Equinix Americas since 2013 and was appointed as chief customer and revenue officer earlier this year

I look forward to working with our world-class American team to continue to realize and improve Equinix's success so far, said Jon Lin, Equinix's new regional referee for the Americas. In this period of business transformation, we have a unique opportunity. Equinix is in a favorable position. As enterprises continue to adopt hybrid cloud as their preferred it architecture, it will continue to maintain its leading position in terms of cost savings

since joining Equinix in 2009, Jon Lin has held several positions, the last time as vice president of enterprise development in the Americas

in this position, he was responsible for the strategic planning of the Americas and took the lead in one of the company's largest transactions, the acquisition of 29 data centers from Verizon for $3.6 billion in 2017

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Equinix has 85 data centers in North and South America

Jon Lin is also responsible for the integration of Verizon data center assets and Equinix, with special attention to supporting the company's strategic development. In 2018, he also played a leading role in the acquisition of Infomart Dallas

before joining Equinix's development team, Jon Lin was a senior income statement director for Equinix's southeastern U.S. region

jon's application in production is actually quite critical. Lin joined Equinix in 2009 as innovation director, focusing on identifying and developing current and future products, and helping to promote the initial formation of Equinix platform strategy

karl strohmeyer, chief customer and closing officer of Equinix, said: Jon Lin has strategic thinking, and his work style directly reflects the company's core values and customer-centered philosophy. He led a number of key initiatives and made important contributions to the success of the company

as a senior employee of Equinix, Jon Lin's understanding of the company's core business and the value we provide to the enterprise will enable him to continue to improve Equinix's role and become a trusted consultant in the enterprise's digital transformation action

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before joining Equinix, Jon Lin served as director of advanced solutions group at Tata communications for two years

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