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Equiinet: realize the outgoing of remote lines through Justina in the future

with the voice network integration business such as remote office and remote group becoming more and more popular with small and medium-sized enterprises, Justina also wants to share the value and contribution it can bring to small and medium-sized enterprises (shy face)

today, I will introduce the principle of the remote group experiment: the line is unified out under the specified sample conditions: imagine that after the head office and branch company group, only one multi-channel voice line is pulled in the head office, and all extensions of the head office and branch company are out through this line for outbound calls

for such demand scenarios, Justina can easily do it. Now let's introduce in detail how Justina does it

customer demand

1.1 The head office and branches are grouped. In order to facilitate unified management, the head office has configured a multi-channel voice line. All extensions of the head office and branches are outgoing through this line for outbound calls. That is, whether it is from the head office to the customer or from the branch, the caller number seen by the customer is the unified number of the head office. (headquarters and branches have 30 users respectively)

1.2 Free communication and data transmission encryption are available between the head office and branches

1.3. When a customer dials the company's unique external number, the front desk of the head office can transfer the call to an extension of the head office or a branch

specific configuration

2.1 Network topology

2.2 Configuration introduction

initial network configuration

do port mapping for Justina on the off router of the network where Justina 1 and Justina 2 are located, or put Justina into the DMZ area for later management

(2) user and line configuration

add 30 users on Justina 1 and Justina 2 respectively:

users on Justina 1 are; The user on Justina 2 is

configure lines on headquarters Justina 1:

establish OpenVPN between headquarters and branches

create trunk between headquarters and branches

create trunk between headquarters and branches. This trunk is based on OpenVPN, so that headquarters and branches can be interconnected

create a trunk to branch justina2 on headquarters justina1:

create a trunk to headquarters justina1 on branch justina2:

short sign intercommunication between headquarters and branches

branch Justina 2:

call this rule in outgoing

headquarters Justina everyone gather in one hall 1:

call the test rule in outgoing

the branch makes the line of headquarters call out


configure call rules on branch justina2 : adding prefix 9 is the outbound call operation

format:_ 9 represents the number starting with 9

target direction: it represents the exit from the SIP line

call this rule in outgoing

headquarters configuration:

configure the call rule on justina1 headquarters. All the numbers with prefix 9 received by the flame retardant belt are sent to the SIP line except for the characteristics of PVC flame retardant belt, and delete the prefix, so that the number is sent to the SIP line in a normal state

call this rule in incoming:

if the customer calls this company, call the front desk of the company

justina1 head office configuration:

configure the front desk voice menu, and configure 0 as the front desk number 601 Record the reception tone: welcome to call XX company, please dial the extension number, and please dial 0 to check the number

point the target to the foreground voice menu in the SIP trunk

3. Test summary

the above configuration can perfectly meet the needs of customers. That is, on the premise of meeting the local communication, it can also make the branches use the lines of the headquarters to get out, so as to maintain the unified external image of the enterprise

justina's remote line group can help users save line rental costs, reduce internal communication costs, encrypt data and voice transmission, and make the branch interconnected office environment safer and smoother, thereby improving enterprise office efficiency

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