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EQUINET participated in the 5th freeswitch developer salon at Beijing railway station

on August 27, 2016, EQUINET participated in the 5th freeswitch developer Salon (Beijing Railway Station) initiated by Mr. Du JinFang, founder of freeswitch Chinese community and co organized by Beijing xinyuetong Technology Co., Ltd. and, as one of the experts of enterprise integrated communication solutions, shared the concept of how to simplify complexity: helping enterprises add functions, Cost subtraction. Break the pattern that the enterprise network and voice are not connected, and organically combine the network and voice to bring more convenience and value to customers

this event attracted a large number of industry technical experts to conduct in-depth exchanges on the industry's technical trends and the future development direction of communication technology. Equiinet booth attracted the attention of a number of industry experts

Xu Tingting, general manager of equiinet Greater China, shared with the industry elites at the meeting and introduced in detail the technical advantages of equiinet integrated communication machine. Provide enterprises with intelligent solutions with light equipment and multiple applications in a simple way, and provide value-added products for small and medium-sized enterprises. 4. All lengths, pneumatic units and display digits are dynamically interchanged

equiinet firmly believes that customers' pursuit of the structure and operation method of high concrete pressure testing machine, quality, excellent service and people-friendly price is eternal and the most simple demand. Equi then stops data processing. INET just has the above three points

equiinet integrated communication machine summary of four functional advantages

voice switch function: Justina is not a simple IPPBX product, it has a full set of voice functions of IPPBX, but it is more powerful than it. For example, the voice part: ① Justina server can directly record calls, and users do not need to purchase recording equipment separately; ② With its own conference function, users no longer need to buy a conference bridge separately, and the conference can be accessed in a variety of ways (3g/4g, Wi Fi, PSTN, internal direct dial, external line, such as); ③ Users can open an extension, and by balancing the traffic, they can not only convert the traffic into voice, but also turn people's into an extension, which meets the needs of people's mobile office

vpn server function: ① VPN groups can be directly carried out to interconnect multiple branches and realize the mutual dialing of cornets; ② Open the application of VPN client on PC and. People can dial through PC and computer or log in to cloud disk to enjoy the efficiency and convenience brought by mobile office. (when intelligence becomes the mainstream, the concept of byod is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and VPN remote access builds a mobile office bridge for enterprises.)

utm firewall function: ① it can be used as an enterprise firewall, which is equivalent to an H3C enterprise firewall (with relevant test reports) for multi-layer protection of enterprise network security; ② Scan the data stream to shield all unsafe data access; ③ Screen URL pages so that employees don't go shopping, social networking sites, etc. during work. ④ Escape anytime, anywhere, with a higher level of protection

private cloud disk function: ① localized storage is more secure; ② Real time collaboration of information; ③ The disk can be expanded from 500g to 2T

light equipment, multiple applications, simplify everything

in the past two years, the domestic economy has been depressed, the enterprise budget has been reduced, and the products with high stability, strong compatibility and excellent cost performance have been favored by customers. Equiinet's entire line of products meets the above three points

we pay attention to environmental protection and integrate the concept of environmental protection into it. The server saves 6 times energy consumption than traditional equipment

we keep up with market changes, push through the old and bring forth the new, and firmly believe that only dreams and partners can not be let down. Here, we sincerely invite partners from all over the country to help the development of domestic integrated communication industry and the growth of more small and medium-sized enterprises

if you are interested in cooperation, please contact: or. Looking forward to communicating with you

thank the sponsors and co organizers of this conference for their 2013 position; Thanks to the elite partners in the industry from afar, equiinet team will use positive action to give back your love

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