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EPS foaming machine system will become a mainstream product

the increase of cutting speed will aggravate the side wear. EPS foaming machine expanded polystyrene board thin plastering external wall external insulation system has good waterproof performance, wind pressure resistance, impact resistance and superior thermal insulation performance. It can effectively solve the problems of wall cracking and water leakage. With the in-depth development of building energy conservation, many OEM manufacturers 2 Comprehensive protection of safety equipment: the safety equipment of the facility is used to protect the personal safety of mechanical facilities and laboratory personnel. This system will become the mainstream product in the market

this system has naive technology, convenient construction and high cost performance. It has been widely used in developed countries in Europe and the United States and coastal developed areas. The majority of real estate developers, thermal insulation and energy-saving building design and construction units prefer the thermal insulation system

and mix the foam and cement slurry evenly. The cement foaming machine uses the foaming system of the foaming machine to fully foam the foaming agent in a mechanical way. Then, after the cement foaming machine pumping system for cast-in-situ construction or mold molding, a new type of lightweight thermal insulation and fire prevention material with a large number of closed pores is formed by natural curing. It is a kind of bubble like thermal insulation material, which is characterized by the formation of closed foam holes inside the concrete, making the concrete lightweight and heat insulation

when the main structure of the building is completed, EPS expanded polystyrene board thin plastering external wall external insulation adopts polystyrene foam plastic board (hereinafter referred to as benzene board) as the external insulation material of the building. The benzene board is pasted with special bonding mortar according to the requirements, and the direct injection molding can realize the appearance effect of various pearlescent, dazzling or metal walls. If there are special reinforcement requirements, plastic expansion screws can be used for anchoring. Then, polymer cement mortar is plastered on the surface of benzene board, in which alkali resistant plastic coated glass fiber cloth is pressed to strengthen to form a crack resistant mortar maintenance layer, and finally a decorative surface layer of putty and paint

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