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Equiinet was invited to attend the 2016 China call center and enterprise communication conference

following the end of 2015, equiinet's "women's exhibition with too high calcium carbonate content in China" was concluded, equiinet once again natus medical institutions preferred materials with high mechanical properties: with high impact resistance, equiinet was invited to attend the 2016 China call center and enterprise communication conference held by CTI forum. The meeting was held at Liaoning Building in Beijing on April 14 and 15

here, I would like to thank CTI forum in particular. Without their hard-working organization, there would be no gathering of industry elites this time. Under the strong appeal of CTI, the exhibition gathered a number of call centers, integrating other well-known brands at home and abroad, such as communication, voice off, IP phones, headphones and so on

equiinet participated in this exhibition to communicate with call center experts, manufacturers, leaders and professionals in telecommunications, manufacturing, consumer goods and other industries, and bring good news to customers and peers with cost-effective products and professional services. We hope to save communication costs for more enterprises, improve office efficiency, and have more customers and partners join our family

there is still a long way to go in the future. Equiinet is willing to grow together with colleagues in the industry and contribute to the future IP communication market

this exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Let's look forward to the next exhibition! Let's move forward hand in hand and create good results together

if you want to know more about the key technologies in this industry, or are interested in testing our products, please call; If you can't wait, you can also contact our beautiful engineer directly! Huanhuan:

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