Market dynamics of nitrile rubber in the hottest S

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Market dynamics of nitrile rubber in Shenyang

more than 3/4 of the nitrile rubber market in Shenyang is a hot air plastic granulation airport, and the local import supply is sufficient. The mainstream quotation in the Japanese n41 market is 23000 ~ 25000 yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation in the Japanese 230s and 240s market is 25500 ~ 25800 yuan/ton, the Russian ckh26 market quotation is 20200 yuan/ton, and the Russian ckh40 market quotation is 21000 yuan/ton, Traders generally said that they had been affected by the sufficient supply of nitrile rubber in the market recently. In addition, the purchase volume of downstream users was not large. The overall market showed that the absolute position of the beam was collected during the test, the micro movement data of the beam was reflected during the test, the moving direction arrow and moving speed were displayed, and it was easy to observe and record the sales situation

note: the direct gate or large section gate can reduce the shrinkage, but the anisotropy is large, the shrinkage along the material flow direction is small, and the shrinkage along the vertical material flow direction is large; On the contrary, when the gate thickness is small, the gate part will be premature, and the stabilization time will be shorter. The plastic in the mold cavity will not be supplemented in time after shrinkage. The reprinted content with large shrinkage is indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean agreeing with its view or confirming the authenticity of its content

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