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[crossing mountains and seas only for you] Shanhe intelligent service Wanli trip into Vietnam

[crossing mountains and seas only for you] Shanhe intelligent service Wanli trip into Vietnam

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tens of thousands of miles away, from China to Vietnam, what cannot be stopped is the original intention of Shanhe intelligent service all the way. Vietnam is covered with green mountains and rivers. At present, there are more than 400 pile drivers alone, and the market share to meet the urgent need of heavy-duty gas turbines has been stable at more than 70%

on July 24, 2019, the service team of Wanli intelligent global service, which crossed thousands of miles and waded through the high temperature, appeared in the Guangning mine in Vietnam. During this trip to Vietnam, it is better to make it reach the position 10~15mm away from the cooling notch. It is the first stop of Shanhe intelligent service team in Southeast Asia. It shoulders the important tasks: first, carry out comprehensive maintenance for customer equipment, listen to and collect customer opinions and suggestions, and second, implement the supreme service concept of "creating value for customers can create value for itself". Effectively improve product value for customers and strive to create a perfect customer service experience

the first stop of Shanhe intelligent service team in Vietnam is located in northern Vietnam. Customer a is a loyal fan of Shanhe intelligent equipment. He has been committed to mining business for many years, has great trust in Shanhe intelligent equipment, and has purchased and owned Shanhe intelligent swde165 and swdb165 equipment for many times. Over the years, the two sides have cooperated closely and established profound friendship. During this service visit, Shanhe intelligent service team conducted more in-depth communication with customers to understand the equipment and listen to customers' opinions. After learning that the air compressor high pressure of swdb165 in this inspection equipment could not be adjusted, the service team immediately set out and rushed to the site for full repair

the rainstorm on the day of patrol inspection caused great difficulties to the equipment maintenance, but the two service engineers of Shanhe intelligent still insisted on troubleshooting the equipment in the storm. After the equipment was in normal operation, the agents and customers were impressed by the professionalism of the service engineers of Shanhe intelligent and gave a thumbs up

second stop

there is a major customer of Shanhe intelligent at the full swing construction site in northern Vietnam. He has purchased Shanhe intelligent equipment for many times. At present, he has 10 swdm25 rotary drilling rigs, 3 swdm36 rotary drilling rigs, 10 swe210 excavators and 2 telescopic boom crawler cranes. Undoubtedly, he is a loyal fan of Shanhe intelligent equipment. Over the years, under the guidance of Shanhe intelligent service personnel and the continuous running in with the equipment, the operators of enterprises have become more and more comfortable with the use of Shanhe intelligent equipment, and their understanding has become deeper and deeper, which has significantly improved the construction efficiency, which makes customers surpass other construction units and take full advantage of the construction of the same site

after some communication and understanding of the equipment, the service team conducted a comprehensive troubleshooting of the swrc170 multi-function full swing drilling rig. It is understood that this swrc170 is the second rotary drilling rig designed and produced by Shanhe intelligent. It has been used for more than 900 hours after entering Vietnam. Because of proper maintenance, it still operates smoothly and well. Customers are very satisfied with the performance and use of the equipment

the third stop

after a night's rest, the Shanhe intelligent service team set out early in the morning and went to the Vietnam GIA Lam construction site in Hanoi, Vietnam, where they met Shanhe customers stationed on the construction site. It is understood that this customer is Shanhe intelligent's largest pile driver customer in northern Vietnam, with more than 40 Shanhe intelligent hydrostatic pile drivers. Over the years, it has cooperated harmoniously with Shanhe intelligence and established a long-term and stable benign relationship

in order to better serve customers and tap customer needs. The engineers of the service team followed the customers to the front line of construction, understood the current situation of construction equipment, and carefully inspected 40 equipment. During the inspection, the engineer found that the customer's operators were not familiar with and did not care about the operation and maintenance of the equipment, and there was a great lack of operation and maintenance. Inadvertently, the bolts of the slewing reducer of the crane were not screwed in place, resulting in serious shaking during the slewing process of the crane, forming a great potential safety hazard

in this case, Shanhe intelligent service project stopped the construction of equipment at the first time, stopped the equipment to check and tighten the bolts, which resolved a potential accident hazard. Subsequently, the service engineer conducted patient and meticulous maintenance and safe construction training for the operators in view of the problems existing in the operation and maintenance of the customer, introduced the maintenance rules in detail, and raised the importance of the operators to safe construction. After a lot of twists and turns, the equipment inspection and training came to an end, and the potential safety hazards were eliminated. Therefore, the service of Shanhe intelligent has been greatly affirmed by customers, and once again established the great confidence of the service team to continue to move forward

station 4

it was too late to repair the faulty equipment. The service team didn't have time to stop too much and rushed to the next station without stopping. The major customers of this station have more than a dozen medium excavation machines of various types of Shanhe intelligent swe210 and swe365, as well as several large tonnage static pile drivers of zyj860, zyj680 and other models. For many years, I have insisted on using Shanhe intelligent equipment, and I have the deepest understanding and excellent experience of it. For this reason, the service team also guest acted as a lecturer at the request of customers

at the request of the customer, the engineers of the service team should train all excavator operators and equipment managers of the customer, including equipment maintenance, structural analysis, explanation of hydraulic principle and electrical principle, etc. Combining theory with practice, after the theoretical training, there are also intimate on-site teaching parts, including the correct operation method of equipment maintenance, the cognition of equipment hydraulic and electrical components, equipment pressure debugging, and the explanation of internal parameters of equipment display, etc

after stepping down the front line and stepping onto the podium, the service engineer of Shanhe intelligence is still a good player. During the training, the customer operators and equipment management had a positive interaction with the engineers, and the atmosphere was very warm. So far, Shanhe intelligent considerate service has been recognized by customers from another perspective. In order to better solve the hidden dangers of customer equipment. After the training, the service team went to the equipment site to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all the customer's equipment, understand the real operation of the equipment, and take compensatory leave for the faulty equipment, ensuring that the equipment can create value for customers more stably and effectively. Care about customers and serve the micro Vickers hardness test, because its verification force is relatively small. This time, Shanhe intelligent service Wanli travel set out to fight for the world again, which is another long march for the society and practice enterprises. With the supreme service concept of "creating value for customers, we can create value for ourselves", Shanhe intelligent service wanlihang team will deliver perfect services to customers all over the world. The future of 441.3 has come, and Shanhe intelligent service has been on the way

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