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Buy bottled water to see if there is PC packaging at the bottom of the barrel to distinguish true and false

three bottles of Red Bull, the middle is true, and the side is false. When real red bull added these materials to resin or other thermoplastic materials, the font of the production batch number was clearly printed, and the false red bull was fuzzy

food consumption is related to people's livelihood. In recent days, quality supervision, industry and Commerce have set up platforms in residential areas to carry out food safety publicity Week activities to teach citizens to distinguish between true and false products

bottled water: there is no PC logo at the bottom of the barrel to return

in hot summer, bottled water entering the peak consumption season has once again become a hot spot. Recently, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted a sampling inspection on the quality of barreled water circulating in the market in the second quarter. Among the 30 batches, 17 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified rate was as high as 60%. Yesterday, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau said in the food safety publicity week that the quality of barrels used for barreled water is also worthy of public vigilance

on the publicity booth of quality supervision and food safety, two barreled water buckets common in citizens' homes are arranged side by side. There is no need to worry about the colonization and eating of termites and other insects. The transparent and smooth tank on the left emits faint blue light. Although the appearance on the right also presents blue, the transparency is obviously relatively poor. Which bucket is in line with food safety? Xiong, director of the food safety department of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, told that the barrel with higher transparency on the left was the one that met the food safety requirements. The qualified bucket is made of PC (polycarbonate). The bucket is transparent and smooth. The tank body is light blue with faint blue light. The texture is uniform without impurities, and can be wear-resistant and high temperature resistant; The unqualified barrel is made of pet (polyethylene terephthalate). Although its appearance is blue, it is less transparent than PC and is easy to deform under high temperature. According to reports, pet cannot tolerate repeated boiling of water dispensers, or repeated filling after repeated high-temperature disinfection when recycled by manufacturers. Toxic and harmful small molecules are dissolved in water, which is easy to cause safety hazards such as water pollution

then, without comparison, how can citizens judge whether their buckets of water are safe and qualified? The Quality Supervision said that citizens only need to check the bottom of the barrel to see whether there is a PC logo. If the microcomputer has strong functions, it can be printed directly. If it is not found, you can choose to return the goods, and you can call 12365 to report. The barreled result judgment and the water treatment manufacturer and the barreled manufacturer will be punished

brand beverage: you can judge whether it is genuine from the outer packaging.

these three bottles of Red Bull look basically the same, but only one bottle is true. Can you find it? At the industrial and commercial food safety publicity booth, Zhang Gulin, director of the food safety department of Tianxin Branch of Changsha Administration for Industry and commerce, pointed to three bottles of Red Bull and asked the onlookers. There is no difference in the appearance, label and production information of these three bottles of Red Bull

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