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This time, call xiong'an by way of Sany

this time, call xiong'an by way of Sany

China Construction machinery information

if you want to fully understand the future world, you need a time travel ticket; But if you only want to know about the future road construction industry, you only need to buy a high-speed rail ticket to xiong'an new area

now, the road construction in xiong'an is in full swing, with 6 railways, 7 roads "four vertical and three horizontal", and a large number of road projects in the new area. Xiong'an's demand for road construction and materials can be called massive. For many road machinery manufacturers, compared with the current market share, the significance of xiong'an is that it is a military training ground and martial arts competition ground related to the future pattern of the industry. In other words, for the road construction industry, "those who win xiong'an will win the world" and "those who win xiong'an will win the future". Therefore, it is not surprising that the most advanced construction equipment and the most cutting-edge scientific and technological methods have appeared in xiong'an

▲ xiong'an new area expressway planning map

the power of the model is infinite

in this cutting-edge military training ground, Sany 5000c8 asphalt station showed remarkable vitality that attracted the sales of a variety of products to increase by 50% year-on-year. Xiongan No.1 5000c8 asphalt station with an annual output of more than 1million tons of asphalt concrete has been put into operation. Wangliangchu, director of Sany asphalt mixing plant, said that in order to match the grade and height of xiong'an urban construction, Sany has brought the highest specification asphalt plant in the world

this No.1 asphalt station fully adopts intelligent and unmanned facilities. The fully automatic feeding system and automatic production management system independently developed by SANY road machine directly reduce the allocation of 7 people required for the normal operation of the general asphalt station to 1 person, and this person only needs to monitor the system data, which is very simple. Intelligent production not only reduces the labor cost, but also directly reduces the fuel consumption of traditional asphalt stations that rely on loaders to 0

▲ Sany 5000c8 asphalt station

the excellent production capacity of No. 1 asphalt station is surprising. The "boiling mixing technology" accelerates the mixing efficiency by nearly 10%. At the same time, the mixing host, drying and screening efficiency are optimized. Just like the barrel principle, each ring is strengthened, and finally the discharge efficiency of No. 1 asphalt station is 10% to 20% higher than that of the same industry

it is worth mentioning that xiong'an is one of the regions in the world with the most stringent requirements for environmental protection. Harmless water vapor discharged into the atmosphere by general asphalt stations is absolutely prohibited in xiong'an. Therefore, xiong'an No.1 asphalt station has added a three-level dust removal measure, namely, whitening treatment, on the basis of the two-level combination of gravity dust removal and bag dust removal. At the same time, the patented technology of "direct combustion burner", which is unique in the world, is adopted to fully burn the exhaust gas until it meets the highest emission standard in the world

▲ overview of xiong'an No.1 asphalt station

xiong'an No.1 asphalt station adopts frequency conversion technology and physical isolation measures to eliminate noise pollution. Under dual control, even a pedestrian passing by the No.1 asphalt station will not find that there is a factory beside him, which is "deindustrialization design". At the same time, the application of combustion and frequency conversion technology has also made xiong'an asphalt station obtain good energy-saving effect. With Sany's self-made dual frequency and dual control burner and a large number of frequency conversion technology, xiong'an No. 1 asphalt station saves more than 10% of fuel and electric energy

▲ exterior view of xiong'an No.1 asphalt station

including asphalt station, xiong'an No.1 station also has concrete mixing station and water stabilization station. The concrete mixing plant provides concrete materials for xiong'an construction, while the water stabilized plant provides water stabilized materials for industrial construction. Shuiwen station is also constructed by SANY road machinery. Insiders know that the construction requirements of Shuiwen station are not high, but the relevant construction standards of xiong'an are not the same

xiong'an water stabilization station has basically copied the outstanding advantages of asphalt plant and concrete mixing plant in terms of intelligence, environmental protection, efficiency and cost reduction. Among them, double mixing machines and 100% recycling of wastewater have attracted widespread attention. "At present, the asphalt station, concrete mixing station and water stabilization station in xiong'an No. 1 station have attracted a large number of industry people to visit and study." Wang Liangchu laughed, "the recognition of others is the proof of Sany's efforts."

smart products on the road

at the end of 2017, Sany road roller began to develop intelligent unmanned road rollers. At that time, led by Wei Zhikui, director of Sany Electric Control Research Institute, and Tan lingqun, general manager of Hunan Sany intelligent control equipment Co., Ltd., as a technical consultant, LED a nearly 30 person R & D team composed of elites from electrical, intelligent, positioning, communication, it, machinery and other parties to launch an impact on the unmanned road roller project

at the 2018 BMW Shanghai exhibition, Sany ssr330c-6 single steel wheel double drive roller showed excellent performance and precise control of driverless equipment through well-designed moving line driving and theme tasks, which attracted the attention of the industry. This unmanned roller is the first self-developed and practical driverless equipment of Sany road machine, and then Sany has achieved the first batch of high-performance driverless vibratory roller cluster operation in China

in October, 2018, Sany unmanned road roller first participated in the construction of xiong'an. At that time, ssr260c-6 unmanned road roller was put into operation test in the Beijing Xiong high speed railway project. After that, three Sany unmanned road rollers came to the project site undertaken by China Railway Group to carry out construction in the mode of cluster operation, which was deeply recognized by the leaders of China Railway

the field shows that this innovative operation mode greatly saves labor costs, improves operation efficiency, and collects a large amount of field data for the optimization of unmanned roller products. By reducing labor costs, reducing energy consumption, continuous operation, digital construction and other related technologies, Sany unmanned road construction equipment has reduced the overall road construction cost by 10%. "This cost data will continue to decline." Third, it is easy to cause small 4. The piston of the automatic spring tension and compression testing machine is damaged and leaks oil, said Duan Qiankun, vice president of the first route Machine Research Institute

▲ Sany unmanned roller is constructed in the Beijing Xiong high speed railway project

Sany innovative unmanned roller can automatically plan the optimal path, maintain the set position, heading and accurate corner through the navigation sensor, and has the functions of automatic navigation, automatic driving, automatic rolling and so on. On this basis, these unmanned rollers also have high-precision track tracking ability, and the error does not exceed plus or minus 5 cm

at present, Sany road roller has been in the leading position in the industry in the exploration and application of cutting-edge technologies such as remote real-time control, AR collaboration, driverless, high-precision positioning, and has successfully applied, promoted and industrialized cutting-edge road construction equipment such as driverless version of unmanned road roller, 3D paver and unmanned intelligent compactor group

word of mouth effect

in 2019, more than 130 pavers were sold in the working area of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei refrigeration system, accounting for more than 40% of the market share in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. A large number of Sany pavement machinery, including road rollers, graders and pavers, are active in the construction of key projects in xiong'an new area. According to wuyuanming, service director of Baoding district of Sany Heavy Industry Hebei Branch, "Sany pavement equipment has deeply participated in the flood control project of nanjuma River, Beijing Xiong high speed railway station, sewage comprehensive treatment plant, EMU maintenance and testing plant and other key projects in xiong'an."

▲ Sany paver products

▲ Sany ssr220ac-8 full hydraulic roller

regardless of brand, if you want to participate in xiong'an construction, its construction equipment must pass the environmental protection test of the local government. Qualified personnel will be posted with environmental protection signs and license plates, and can enter the construction after everything is in place. Under the strict environmental protection standards, the advantages of Sany road machine are shown. All its products meet the environmental protection requirements of xiong'an construction. Sany road machine's pursuit of environmental protection is even refined to the daily maintenance of equipment, such as the oil and filter element replaced by the service engineer will be treated harmlessly. "Sany road machine is the standard not only in xiong'an, but also in the whole country." Mo Xiaohua, service manager of Hebei District, said confidently

this confidence comes from the careful preparation of Sany road machinery in environmental protection. To win the future, we need to have many advantages. Environmental protection is obviously one of them, and intelligence is also the commanding height of the future. Whether pursuing environmental protection or practicing cutting-edge technology, Sany road machinery has set up a distinctive banner on xiong'an Avenue, influencing and radiating markets all over China from point to area, and will profoundly affect the future of pavement construction

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