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Choosing the right binding method

choosing the right binding)

when making manuals, manuals or other commercial printed materials, we often encounter the problem of choosing the best binding method, which may be closely related to the needs and costs of end users. This paper briefly introduces six common binding methods

1. Folding is the most common post-processing technology, which is commonly used in low-cost direct mail products. Printed matter can be folded into a size of 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, and sealed with self-adhesive stickers

2. Riding nails usually refer to "iron wire flat nails", and they are not pre-made staples. In the production process, the machine cuts a section from the rolled metal wire, nails it into the paper, and bends and fixes the iron wire on the other side of the paper. Experienced people believe that books and periodicals bound with horse riding nails should not exceed 120 pages. The spine of most magazines bound by horse riding nails is relatively flat. If there are too many pages, the spine will bulge out obviously, and the middle page will also protrude

3. Mechanical binding includes centralized binding technology, such as ring lining binding, spiral binding, double-line binding and loose leaf plastic clip binding. Some office users can buy a plastic ring lining binding equipment to bind one book at a time; Thus, the books and periodicals bound in a cost saving spiral will see some spiral lines on the inside of the book and some spiral lines on the outside of the book; Books bound with double lines and loose leaf plastic clips are more durable and are usually used for recipes, etc

the advantage of mechanical binding is that the book can be tiled on the desktop when opened; The disadvantage is that when binding, you need to manually transfer the books into the binding machine. If there are a large number of books waiting for mechanical binding, the cost will rise significantly. Users should consider the end use, aesthetic degree and processing quantity to choose

4. adhesive binding can be completed by on-line processing of rotary offset printing, with high speed and low cost. However, the paper materials used in the whole product must be the same

5 as merchants in more and more fields and industries need to introduce and use such equipment, wireless adhesive recyclable multi-layer composite flexible packaging film - such as pet/polypropylene, pet/polyethylene, and metal plastic composite material binding, also known as adhesive binding, is used for large books or magazines that may need to be read for a long time, such as member manuals, textbooks, paperback novels, which have become key factors affecting the confidence of enterprise investment and development. Usually, the books and periodicals with wireless binding are more than 96 pages, unless the paper used is relatively thick

6. Hard cover binding is a binding method that uses lines to connect the pages of books. It is also used in the binding of books and periodicals that need to be read for many years, such as textbooks, medical books, etc. This method can make books of various sizes

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