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Only by complying with the development trend of "Internet +", can "made in China" become stronger.

according to the voice of economics "CNR Financial Review", the so-called do something and don't do something. As long as breakthroughs can be made in some fields, we can lay a good foundation for the future, so that made in China can sharpen a sword in ten years and reach a new level in ten years! This sentence was specially emphasized by Premier Li Keqiang at the executive meeting of the State Council held yesterday. At yesterday's meeting, there was a topic of particular concern, that is, to deploy and accelerate the implementation of made in China 2025 and realize the upgrading of the manufacturing industry

during the two sessions this year, made in China 2025 was proposed for the first time. This plan, which took nearly three years to formulate, is known as the first 10-year road map to complete China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power in three decades. What are the highlights of made in China 2025? How can the manufacturing industry seize new opportunities for development? Zhang Lianqi, member of the CPPCC National Committee and managing partner of Ruihua certified public accountants, brought interpretation

voice of the economy: Premier Li Keqiang said at yesterday's executive meeting of the State Council that we should accelerate the promotion of China's LEGO 2025 and realize the development and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. What does made in China 2025 mean for China's economy

Zhang Lianqi: this made in China 2025 is an upgraded version of made in China. There are four major changes, one main line and eight countermeasures. The four major changes include: first, the transformation from factor driven to innovation driven; Second, the low-cost competitive advantage has changed to the competitive advantage of quality and efficiency; Third, because the consumption of resources is relatively large and the emission of pollutants is relatively large, it has changed to green manufacturing; Fourth, change from production to service-oriented creation. The main line is Internet + made in China. The eight strategic countermeasures include the process of promoting interconnection +, improving product design ability, improving the technological innovation system of manufacturing industry, strengthening the manufacturing foundation, improving product quality, promoting green manufacturing, cultivating enterprise groups and advantageous industries with global competitiveness, and developing the service industry of modern manufacturing

these four changes, one main line and eight strategic countermeasures show that the era has put forward the strongest voice for made in China. Internet + is the specific tool for the upgrading of made in China, which plays an irreplaceable role in transforming the mode of economic growth, providing the necessary market environment, including warming up mass Entrepreneurship and innovation, and upgrading China's economic consumption, informatization, urbanization, etc

voice of economy: the the Belt and Road is also a strategic initiative for our country's future development. What is the connection between the the Belt and Road and the realization of made in China 2025

Zhang Lianqi: the the Belt and Road not only puts forward China's capital advantages, infrastructure construction, friction and wear testing machine classification and software and hardware interconnection, but also the interconnection of capital, talents, rules and culture. More importantly, medium - and high-end products and equipment made in China have taken root in these Silk Road countries and the countries served by the Asian investment bank. With the deep integration of intelligent equipment manufacturing and industrialization informatization in our country, China's new opening pattern and new economic engine are facing historic opportunities, which is of great significance to improve our country's independent innovation ability. In fact, this is planning a new open pattern, a new trend of regional cooperation, focusing on innovation driven, relying on Internet and IOT technology, and integrating made in China into the era background of the the Belt and Road and the overall national development strategy

voice of the economy: industry 4.0 led by Germany is now emerging in Europe, and some old manufacturing countries in Europe are also taking manufacturing as a driving force for their future development. Will there be a competitive relationship between made in China 2025 and the industrial 4.0 revolution represented by Europe? How can China occupy a place in the competition

Zhang Lianqi: whether the acceptance theory of the first batch of major projects launched without deployment starts from 4.0 in Germany, or the manufacturing Renaissance plan in Japan and the United States, they are both penetrating industry into the field of equipment manufacturing and new energy materials industry, and promoting the all-round transformation of traditional industrial production methods. Made in China 2025 in our country should be closely integrated with interconnection and depth to produce new business forms, new models and new technologies

the combination of Internet + and manufacturing means that the idea of promoting economic development by means of informatization is basically established. Taking this interconnection as the economic catalyst to comprehensively upgrade made in China needs to promote the integration and innovation of interconnection and various industries, and realize the full connection between interconnection and made in China in technical standards, policies and other aspects

voice of the economy: the central government has just deployed specific measures to deepen the reform of systems and mechanisms and strengthen the implementation of innovation driven measures, which also laid a general idea and foundation for the realization of made in China 2025 Flatten the impact specimen and put it into the holder to clamp the main target

Zhang Lianqi: made in China 2025 largely depends on innovation. It should be said that innovation is the inexhaustible driving force of made in China. Some obstacles should be removed from innovation. For example, local protectionism, monopoly law enforcement, improper subsidies, and front-end approval should be removed, so as to provide strong support for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements

made in China may also need to solve the problem of where the money comes from, including strengthening the support of the capital market for made in China, establishing a multi-level capital market system as soon as possible, making enterprises the main body of entrepreneurship and innovation, attracting more enterprises to participate in the formulation of national technological innovation plans, and attracting more experts and entrepreneurs to establish relevant expert advisory groups. In particular, the R & D investment policy should be consistent, so that our country can truly form some influential industrial and technological R & D groups. In major directions and major fields, we should use the power of the country to promote in depth in accordance with the direction specified by the State Council

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