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Manage IPMI and make it a good partner of operation and maintenance.

intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) is an open standard hardware management interface specification, which is formulated by Intel, HP, NEC, Dell, supermicro and other companies

intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) is an open standard hardware management interface specification, which is formulated by Intel, HP, NEC, Dell, supermicro and other companies. It is an industrial standard used to manage the peripheral devices used in the enterprise system based on Intel structure. Users can use IPMI to monitor the physical health characteristics of the server, such as temperature, voltage, fan working state, power state, etc. Based on the IPMI interface standard, the server manufacturer also provides an out of band operation and maintenance channel to access the operating system to realize the remote debugging of the system and even business applications

The IPMI interface runs on the BMC (baseboard management controller) chip. BMC uses the underlying intelligent hardware and does not rely on the operating system. As the core controller, BMC controls each managed unit

ipmi's powerful functions are reflected in the following aspects:

1 The operating system is irrelevant. As long as the device is added with chitin, also known as chitin, and BMC works normally, management can be realized

2. It can realize out of band management, that is, it does not occupy the data bandwidth of service transmission

3. Two access methods are provided:

a. The command line operation interface realizes power control, sol, and viewing the internal sensor parameters (temperature, fan speed) of the server

b。 The web operation interface provides vkvm and vmedia functions on top of the command line operation functions. Vkvm is the KVM over IP function embedded in the server. Vmedia (virtual media) means that files can be copied to the target server without relying on the business network

ipmi's powerful functions also make its security risks particularly prominent:

1 The IPMI port of each server needs to be configured with IP, and there is an administrator account. When the number of servers is very large, it is very difficult to manage these accounts. In addition, the accounts are likely to be shared by many users, which is easy to cause account leakage and difficult to locate people in case of problems

2. Managers directly initiate access requests at the client, and must require the client to access the network where the IPMI interface is located, which brings risks to the security of the IPMI network

3. The operation process of vkvm lacks audit and cannot meet the audit requirements

4. The IPMI implementation of each server manufacturer is different, such as Dell (Idrac), HP (ilo/lo), IBM (imm/amm/rsa2), Fujitsu (IRMC s2/s4), Oracle (ilom 3), Intel (rmm4), Huawei (Iman), etc., and the security standards are different

as a new generation fortress machine, dclive of Dexun technology realizes the management of IPMI interface protocol. Dclive adopts b/s architecture, which allows users in business to directly initiate IPMI access out of band. This deployment mode ensures that IPMI ports can be grouped separately without using the IP address resources of the service, and also ensures higher security. Managers do not need to record the IP and administrator account of each IPMI. All this information is handed over to dclive for maintenance. Managers only need to log in to dclive

managers initiate vkvm session operations through dclive, and the operation process will be completely recorded by dclive. If there is a problem, you can play back the operation video and locate the person

the vkvm window opened by dclive

the vkvm management module of dclive can well support the IPMI interface of various servers to realize vkvm and vmedia operations

what is the difference between hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine? From the above brief introduction, we can know that using dclive can make the enterprise operation and maintenance system safely use the powerful role of IPMI, and make IPMI a powerful tool for IT administrators and a good partner of it operation and maintenance

as a leading IT operation and maintenance security manufacturer in China, Dexun technology has been committed to providing customers with safe, reliable and convenient operation and maintenance management solutions. On April 7, Dexun technology will hold a grand dclive privileged access management product launch. As a privileged access management product launched by Dexun technology, dclive is a comprehensive upgrade of the fortress machine protection capability. Among them, the vkvm function is a leap forward for the traditional IP KVM. For the operation and maintenance personnel, when there is an operation and maintenance demand, they can more conveniently and quickly establish a connection with the target device, obtain control of the target device, and complete the operation and maintenance work. Registration address:

Dexun technology dclive can be deployed in multiple data centers and various branches of enterprises, thus forming an integrated privileged access management system. For more product details, please pay attention to the technology officer of Dexun, sign up for the dclive online conference, discuss the product features and application sharing of dclive, and find more wonderful content

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