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Check various bronzing methods of adhesive labels

adhesive labels are a material widely used in many aspects of life, work and so on. There are also various bronzing processes of adhesive. This paper summarizes the characteristics of adhesive bronzing and first bronzing and then bronzing of adhesive in different mechanical platforms. Among them, there are a variety of bronzing processes: cold bronzing, round bronzing, flat bronzing process characteristics and suitable methods

1. bronzing methods

according to the processing method of self-adhesive labels, the bronzing methods are divided into sheet metal bronzing and web paper bronzing. The stamping process of sheet fed paper is the same as that of traditional stamping, and it is processed on a special stamping machine. Web bronzing is completed on the label linkage machine, which is the most widely used processing method. At present, there are several ways to bronze web materials:

① flat pressing and bronzing on the label machine

relief label printing machine, whether it is flat pressing or round pressing equipment, because the web paper is fed intermittently, all bronzing adopts flat pressing and square type. Generally, the bronzing station is an independent unit, and some models share a unit for bronzing and die cutting, which are used separately

② multi station flat pressing and stamping

some models have two pairs of packaging specifications and standards of express industry and e-commerce, and the advice has not expressly stipulated the stamping unit of one station, such as smhc-45-mwl label machine of Shiki, Japan. One unit is close to the printing plate to complete horizontal stamping, and the other unit is an independent unit to complete vertical stamping. This model can perform two-color bronzing at the same time

③ flat pressing and bronzing on the processing machine

the processing machine is designed for processing printed drum labels and labels that do not need to be printed. Bronzing is a function of the processing machine. The bronzing device on the processing machine generally adopts the flat pressing square type, and its working principle is the same as the above label machine

④ circular pressing and bronzing on the rotary machine

the bronzing plate used for circular pressing and bronzing is in the shape of a roller, which is in contact with the embossing roller during bronzing to realize bronzing. Round stamping is suitable for continuous paper feeding on the rotary label machine, but it has certain requirements on the paper feeding speed, that is to say, it has an impact on the printing speed. But compared with flat pressing and bronzing, it greatly improves the efficiency. The manufacturing cost of the round pressing and bronzing roller is high, so it is only suitable for long version live bronzing

⑤ cold bronzing on the rotary machine

this is a new bronzing process, which no longer uses the heated metal plate, but uses the method of printing adhesive to transfer the metal foil and realize bronzing. The process flow is: first print UV pressure-sensitive adhesive at the position where the print needs to be bronzed, dry the adhesive through UV drying device, then use special metal foil to compound with pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then peel off the metal foil, so the metal foil needs to be turned 1 Operation without reaction: the most common is the rising and falling operation buttons of the beam, and the part without reaction print is transferred to the surface of the printed matter to realize cold stamping. The cold stamping process has the advantages of low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency. It can use the existing equipment components without adding additional devices. It is a new process with great prospects for the development of elastic modulus

2. Bronzing first and then

there are 250 masonry structures of bronzing first and then. Bronzing first refers to bronzing first on the label machine, and then printing; Then bronzing refers to printing first and then bronzing. The key of first bronzing and then bronzing is the drying of ink. There are two kinds of relations between bronzing patterns and printing patterns: juxtaposition and overprint. Due to the different inks used, the label printing should adopt two processes: first bronzing and then bronzing

① first bronzing process

when the label machine with intermittent paper feeding bronzing parts installed in front uses ordinary ink to print labels, the first bronzing process is adopted. Because the ink used is oxidation polymerization drying type, it takes a certain time for the ink layer after printing to dry completely, so the bronzing pattern must avoid ink. The best way to avoid ink is to pre bronze the roll material and then print

the pre bronzing process requires that the printing pattern and bronzing pattern are separated (side by side), because the surface of anodized aluminum is smooth, not inked, and cannot be printed. Bronzing first can prevent the ink from getting dirty and ensure the printing quality of labels

② post bronzing process

post bronzing process is applied to the label machine with bronzing parts installed on the back door, and UV ink is used for printing. The roll material is first printed, and the ink is instantly dried by UV drying device, and then bronzed on the material surface or ink surface after the ink is dried. As the ink has been dried, the bronzing pattern and the printing pattern can be juxtaposed or overprinted, and the ink will not rub dirty

among the two bronzing methods, post bronzing is the ideal method, which also brings convenience to label pattern design and expands the application range of bronzing pattern. However, due to the limitations of equipment functions, its label printing cost is relatively high. The first bronzing process is suitable for the processing of small labels with simple patterns, with low cost and wide application range. It is a common method used by small and medium-sized printing plants

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