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Correct the unhealthy trend of product packaging

the exquisite packaging of food, drugs, toys, household appliances and so on, which can be seen everywhere in our daily life and commodity stores, has played a great role in our product transportation, advertising and consumption promotion, and has also added colorful colors to our life. However, a closer look at various packaging boxes can also find some unhealthy tendencies in product packaging. Its main manifestations are:

1. Excessive packaging

the so-called excessive packaging is that products that could have been packaged with layers of packaging materials must be packaged with three or four layers of packaging materials, especially drug packaging. The author once ate a kind of medicine, which itself has been packaged with a layer of capsules, and then the capsules are wrapped into a plate with plastic. In fact, this plate and plate of drugs are loaded into a carton, but outside the plate and plate of drugs, a layer of plastic is wrapped, and then the bags and bags of drugs are loaded into the carton. Plastic film is pressed on the outside of the white card carton, and the seal of the box clearly has a bayonet to prevent opening the box, But it also added a self-adhesive trademark in many cars. At least two layers of packaging can be saved here. Such packaging not only wastes packaging materials, but also increases packaging time, which not only increases the price of drugs, but also increases the burden on patients. In fact, the 6th high performance plastics and the 4th high performance film exhibition will be opened at the Youming International Exhibition Center in Tokyo, Japan. The capsule can be packed in a plastic bottle

2. False packaging

this kind of packaging is to pack small products into gifts that are several times or more than ten times larger than the products in large packaging boxes. This kind of packaging is the easiest to see in the packaging of food and health products. For example, the packaging box of the annual mid autumn moon cake, a small 4-8 pieces of moon cake, can be several times or more times larger than that of the moon cake, and the packaging box is becoming more and more luxurious and complex. The patterns are constantly being renovated, and its price is far more than the price of the moon cake itself. We can't help but ask whether consumers eat moon cakes or packaging boxes. 7 especially those exquisite cartons, wooden boxes, iron boxes, plastic boxes, etc., it's a pity to abandon them and keep them useless, which puts consumers in a dilemma. The packaging of some health products is even more deceptive. For example, several pieces of ginseng are placed in the transparent window of the packaging box, and most of the space of the entire packaging box is filled or empty, which is a typical false packaging. It not only wastes a lot of packaging materials, but also takes up a lot of space for transportation and storage

3. Packaging with changed flavor

the so-called packaging with changed flavor means that other products are forcibly stuffed into a specific product packaging box. In particular, tea, wine, tableware, decorations and so on are forcibly stuffed into the packaging of mid autumn moon cakes every year, making the price of a box of moon cakes reach the sky high price of hundreds or thousands of yuan. It plays a role of compulsory consumption, matching and marketing, and changes the taste of the product packaging. Contributed to the use of moon cakes for bribery, bribery perversion

4. Hide packaging

this kind of packaging is to wrap the product tightly with opaque packaging materials, so that you can't see what is inside. When you go to the supermarket to buy things, you can see a lot of food. You can wrap the food tightly with plastic bags printed with images (from transparent to opaque). There is no transparent window, so that you can't see the color, quality and shape of the food inside, so that customers are worried when buying ⑤. It's not safe after electromechanical judgment. The author once bought a roasted chicken. After opening it, he found that the chicken had gone bad. If it was transparent, he could see the internal quality

some foods do not write the factory date, shelf life, factory address, or ambiguous words, such as many daily necessities and electrical products, the address is "XX economic zone", and so on. Some do not have the number at all. If there is a quality problem, you simply find that the impact of injection rate on the mechanical properties of micro injection molded blends cannot be affected by the production unit

5. Inferior packaging

inferior packaging generally uses inferior materials, and the products are not necessarily packaged according to the basic packaging requirements of the products. It is neither scientific nor safe, nor can it improve the quality of products. For example, some packaging boxes do not have the due strength, and the sealing and back sealing are not firm, which can not protect the product, so that the product is easy to be broken, bumped and shaken

secondly, some enterprises use toxic waste plastics to make plastic bags and boxes for packaging food or drugs, which is harmful to the health of consumers

the unhealthy tendencies in the packaging of the above products have become more and more serious in recent years. In order to curb the prevalence of this unhealthy trend, the relevant departments should formulate necessary regulations for the packaging design, production and product production enterprises to abide by, standardize the product packaging market, and guide the development of product packaging in the right direction

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