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Try not to use plastic bags when buying high-temperature and oily food

now those who sell breakfast put hot big cake fried dough sticks and steamed buns into plastic bags. Is the food in these plastic bags safe? Does the plastic bag also contain plasticizer? " Yesterday, reader Tan famin called our newspaper and raised questions

According to the interview, with the escalation of the "plasticizer" incident, the safety of food in plastic bags has become a matter of concern for many citizens

bring a plastic bag for breakfast

put the bowl in a plastic bag and put hot soymilk on it; The fried dough sticks that have just come out of the pot are put into plastic bags and carried away; If you want to eat hot pot, call a takeout, and the food delivered to your door is also packed in plastic bags... During the visit, you found that s=0.002mm. When taking food away, many restaurants and stalls provide plastic bags

yesterday morning, at many breakfast stalls on Binhu Road, the shopkeeper pulled out one white plastic bag after another from under the cabinet and packed the breakfast for customers to take away. If you eat it in the store, put a plastic bag on the bowl, and the noodles or wonton will be filled. After eating, the customer will directly throw away the plastic bag and replace it with a new one

at the breakfast stall on Shengli 4th Road, I saw that the same white plastic bags were used here. Steamed buns and dumplings were directly packed, and porridge was covered with plastic bags with disposable bowls

"are these plastic bags dry?" The waiter smiled and said, "don't worry, these are new bags, which have not been used. How can they not be clean."

citizens have long been used to it

then, 10 citizens were interviewed at random. Seven of them believed that it was cleaner to put a plastic bag on than to directly use the bowl in the store. Three of them said that although they had heard that plastic bags may decompose toxic substances when heated, it is now common to use plastic bags for breakfast, "it's not strange to see it early."

"although I often eat here, I really don't dare to compliment the hygiene. If I don't use a bowl cleaned in Vietnam war area, I'd better put on a plastic bag, which is more reassuring." Said Mr. Wang, who had breakfast in the 809 market

a young man who was buying fried dough sticks said, "even if you know that plastic bags are poisonous, there is no way. It's the same everywhere. You don't have time to cook breakfast at home in the morning. It's easier to pack them in the breakfast shop and take them away. It's very convenient. Make do with it."

an aunt standing beside him said, "for so many years, it has been packed like this. It should be all right, otherwise there would not be so many people using it."

be careful with plastic bags for food

will plastic bags release toxic substances when heated? Experts from Yichang Quality Supervision Bureau were consulted

According to experts, there are two kinds of plastic bags: one is food packaging made of polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine; The other is non food packaging made of vinyl chloride. Plastic bags that do not meet the standard mostly contain PVC, which will release toxic substances harmful to human body such as lead in case of high temperature

it is reported that when the food temperature exceeds 50 ℃, the toxic components in the plastic bag will leak out, polluting the food and causing harm to the human body. The temperature of hot food is generally above 40 degrees Celsius. Long term consumption of hot food, such as GB2423 - the national standard of the people's Republic of China "guide to environmental experiment methods for electrical and electronic products", which directly uses unqualified plastic bags to conduct environmental experiments on Electrical and electronic products, is likely to cause the body to ingest toxins

what is the harm of high-temperature food in plastic bags? Experts from Yichang Health Bureau said that the toxins produced by using substandard plastic bags will cause damage to the liver and kidney. If the concentration is high, it will also produce anesthetic effect and harm the human central and nervous system

experts remind that when buying high-temperature and greasy food, it is best to use paper packaging boxes or carry your own lunch boxes, and try to avoid using plastic bags

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