Market dynamics of some products related to polyur

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Market dynamics of some products related to polyurethane industry in May

market dynamics of some products related to polyurethane industry in May

-- maintenance of TDI device in South Korea. It is reported that the TDI device of KPX in South Korea was overhauled on May 8, and the overhaul lasted for two weeks. The package was put into operation on May 22. In addition, BASF of South Korea plans to overhaul for 1-2 weeks in mid May

-- Ningbo Wanhua MDI unit plans to stop production for maintenance. Ningbo Wanhua began to stop the production unit of Ningbo plant for maintenance in early May. This maintenance is expected to take about one month, during which Yantai plant will maintain operation

-- Liaohua Petrochemical aromatics and PTA unit maintenance plan. Liaoyang Petrochemical aromatics plant is planned to be carried out in early May. What testing machines are needed for the textile industry? 1.5-2 months shutdown for maintenance. Affected by it, the 600000/ton PTA plant will also be shut down for one month

-- May 8, Zhangjiagang, glycol arrival information. Zhangjiagang arrived at the ship "Three Lake emperor" from Taiwan, China, arrived at Changjiang international No. 1, and unloaded 2000t ethylene glycol

-- prediction of pure benzene strip steel at Jiangyin Wharf on May 20. It is reported that the vessel "Isola", from Iran, carrying 9000t of pure benzene, is expected to arrive at Jiangyin lishde Wharf on May 20

-- arrival information of toluene in Zhangjiagang on May 6. The vessel "Kobe pioneer" from Lishui carried 2000t toluene to the Ningxing liquefaction terminal in Zhangjiagang

-- arrival information of mixed xylene in Zhangjiagang on May 6. "Lake" from South Korea carried 30000t mixed xylene and arrived in the Middle East on May 6. The types of products produced by Xiangmo in the first phase of DuPont Hongji new materials mainly include LCD optical film, solar photovoltaic cell backplane film and other petrochemical terminals

-- May 12, Zhangjiagang diethylene glycol arrival information. The "Moscow star" from Zhangjiagang arrived at the port and arrived at the Yangtze River estuary after sailing, unloading 1000t of diethylene glycol

-- Basic arrival forecast of Zhangjiagang on May 11. The "Royal jade" from South Korea carried 4000t a, "he said, and the bath towel arrived at the Yangtze Estuary on May 11

-- methanol arrival information on May 6. A ship from Panama, named "Sun Venus", with 3150T of methanole, arrived at Changjiang International 2

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