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Sichuan aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer besty aluminum alloy car shed, five advantages make your car a good life

I spent a lot of money on my car. Everyone cherishes the car like a baby. I hope the car will be more durable, but I often suffer from some problems, which affect the life and safety of the car


the car is easy to age when exposed to the sun

exposure directly accelerates the aging of the car, which has a great impact on the interior of the car, paint and tires, and reduces the service life of the whole car. For example, doors and skylights are made of rubber materials. Long term exposure to the sun and rain will accelerate the aging of rubber, reduce the sealing effect, and lead to rain leakage or noise

the body finish is easy to turn yellow after long-term exposure. The interior of the car will be exposed to high temperature for a long time, the leather material will age and harden, and the plastic material will also deform and crack


fallen leaves + bird droppings

fallen leaves fall on the car, blocking the front view. Bird droppings are pulled onto the car and dirty the car. After a long time, I have to wash the car again, which undoubtedly increases the cost


hail smashes the window

in case of hail, it will be a disaster, full of holes at any time, and even the body shell will be hit with one hole and two holes


it snows in winter, and the car is covered by heavy snow

if it snows in winter, the car is easy to be covered by heavy snow. Before driving, you should scrape off the thick snow, and the snow will also reduce the service life of the car

besty aluminum alloy shed

all the above problems are solved


the top of the aluminum alloy shed is high-strength polycarbonate plate

the top of the aluminum alloy shed is high-strength polycarbonate plate, which greatly reduces the ultraviolet rays of the sun and blocks most of the sun's heat. The impact resistance of polycarbonate plate is 300 times that of ordinary glass, and there is no fear in the face of hail


high strength aluminum alloy shed framework

the framework is made of 6063 series aluminum alloy, which is light in weight, high in strength, rust proof, and the structure of the framework is specially designed to resist bending


orderly drainage of aluminum alloy shed

drainage is fully considered in the structure around the top of aluminum alloy shed and the position of columns. Rainwater flows through the pre-designed line and is orderly discharged to the ground along the edge through special pipes, without dripping around. When it rains, there is a canopy to keep out the rain, which is convenient for the owner to open the door and get in and out of the car


the streamlined appearance of the aluminum alloy shed

the streamlined appearance shows the luxurious temperament at one go, and is also convenient for unloading water and snow


professional team measurement and design

besty doors and windows has a professional team to come to the site to measure the aluminum alloy shed, and give the most appropriate plan according to the surrounding specific environment and the owner's requirements. The later installation will also be in place to your satisfaction

choose besty aluminum alloy garage,

let your car live a good life

Founded in 2008, besty doors and windows is committed to providing Chinese consumers with the overall scheme of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows system, and specializing in the production and sale of aluminum alloy doors and windows with energy-saving decoration functions, bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows, heavy sliding door series and other aluminum alloy door and window series products. Baisti team constantly excavates the deep value of fashion art, gets inspiration from the eternal beauty of nature with its unique fashion sense, lays the foundation with Germany's advanced equipment and Germany's "craftsman spirit" culture and "modern design" culture, integrates the contemporary popular natural fashion trend into the design of each door and window, and carefully creates each high-end product, Lay a solid foundation for the overall scheme of high-end aluminum alloy door and window system

the company has set up two manufacturing bases and brand operation centers in Chengdu and Foshan, and now has more than 100 employees. On the marketing network, the company has established a marketing service system covering many provinces and municipalities across the country, with more than 100 exclusive stores. Address: Xiangyang Industrial Park, Guanghan, Sichuan, website: www.bosddoor com; High end door and window brand franchise hotline: 4000-998-908


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