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In school season, another batch of fresh meat will start military training! When the old students were still complacent that they could send out the expression bag of "if you have military training, it will be sunny", the new students played a new trick

in the entrance season, another batch of fresh meat will start military training

when the old students are still complacent that they can send out the expression bag of "if you are in military training, it will be sunny", the new students are playing with new tricks, such as asking the seniors and sisters, "is the gun in military training brought by themselves or issued by the school?"

classmate, are you going to make trouble

then ask questions. Everyone's comments at the bottom are also infinite. For example, this kind of "smart question" type:

and this kind of "keep formation" type:

do you think this is over? In addition to asking the question of "military training with guns", freshmen have other "questions", such as: is the corpse in autopsy class taken by themselves or given by the school

the freshmen's questions are "sharp", and the seniors' answers are not "outdated", which can be said to be extremely wonderful! For example:

@ Guo xiaowife: of course, take it by yourself. The body is so expensive, and the school has no money

@neuro_ Ferry: the school is short of funds, so it is recommended to bring it by yourself. It is best to drive it with men and women and exchange what is needed

@ ah ah ah ah Liu: what the school provides needs money to buy, which is not new. It is recommended to bring it by yourself

@ sky blue cloud is more comfortable: there is really no such thing. It's OK to bring a pig. Anyway, the anatomy of the pig's viscera is the same as that of people except for one place

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