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A new crown shaped easy opening cap production line that can produce bottle caps with anti-counterfeiting and explosion-proof functions has been developed and put into operation by the Beijing Institute of mechanical industry automation, a national science and technology enterprise, in Beijing

the production capacity of the production line is 300 pieces/minute. The technical indicators of the crown shaped easy opening cap fully comply with the national standard for crown shaped caps and have obtained national patents

the production line has the following characteristics: the original filling line of the beer manufacturer can not be changed when installing the equipment; The bottle cap produced is a patented product with high scientific and technological content, which enables the manufacturer to increase the anti-counterfeiting function; The bottle cap has a beautiful shape, which can improve the brand grade of wine, pre drinks and other products, and the industry colleagues need to continue to strive for market coverage; This bottle cap does not need opening tools, so as to avoid damaging hands and bottle mouth and not polluting packaging materials; The bottle cap has explosion-proof function, which can automatically reduce the pressure when the air pressure in the bottle is too high, so as to prevent the occurrence of bottle explosion injury; The production line can be widely used in the packaging of wine, bottled beverages, bottled condiments and PET bottles

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