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Shanghai Huaxin Packaging Factory, relying on scientific and technological progress, has recently developed JQ II convenient packaging barrels that comply with the international maritime dangerous goods code, filling a gap in the domestic packaging industry since 2000

jq Ⅱ convenient packaging barrel meets the international maritime hazard code standard index of 100KPA, The universal experimental machine adopts microcomputer to control the full digital broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve ". at present, China's level is only 60kpa. The JQ Ⅱ convenient packaging barrel successfully developed by Shanghai Huaxin Packaging Factory has been randomly sampled and tested by Shanghai Commodity Inspection Bureau, Shanghai Maritime Safety Bureau, Shanghai Port Authority and other units, and has been certified by many parties. The hydraulic test force has reached more than 100KPA, and the 1.1m height drop test has all passed.

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