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On the morning of August 17, the media conference of intercity interconnection and new energy shared vehicles was held in Xiangtan. 2300 new energy shared vehicles were put into the interconnection market of Changsha and Xiangtan to realize the rental and return of vehicles in different places

on the day of the press conference, this group of new energy sharing vehicles launched by the pilot express had two "homes", one is Changsha, the other is Xiangtan. "In the future, citizens of Changsha or Xiangtan can pick up their cars locally and return them in different places." Said yulili, chairman of Changsha leading express Technology Development Co., Ltd. At present, Changsha has opened 55 time-sharing car rental points, and Xiangtan has 28

to use these new energy sharing vehicles, you only need to download the "pilot trip" app, fill in the information on the page, upload the certificate, complete the review of 35 steel cone rib joint and pay a deposit of 668 yuan. Charging is based on time. It costs only 9.9 yuan for half an hour, and it costs 9.9 yuan for less than half an hour. At present, the pilot new energy shared vehicles put into use include three rental modes, namely daily rent of 159 yuan, half year rent of 1000 yuan/month and annual rent of 900 yuan/month. The models are BAIC ec180 and JAC iev6e. In the future, commercial and luxury new energy sharing vehicles will be added

although Jinan assay mechanical property tester is an electric vehicle, its endurance is not poor at all. Generally speaking, a fully charged new energy sharing vehicle can run 160 km to 180 km under normal driving conditions. In addition to the "sharing system" retrofitting, they are not much different from ordinary private cars. They are also five seater, and even better than the latter in terms of green environment protection. It is worth mentioning that by the end of 2019, such a green travel mode is expected to be interconnected in 14 cities and prefectures in Hunan

up to now, the pilot Express has successfully established regional agents in 7 regions including Changde, Yueyang, Yiyang, Loudi, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou and Ningxiang. After the number of regional service points reaches 20, the interconnected new energy shared automobile service will be launched among the above 7 regions this year

according to the introduction that material enterprises want to win the market, from 2016 to 2020, the pilot express plans to build 8000 charging piles, 4 bus charging stations, 600 time-sharing rental points in Hunan, and participate in public 2 The incoming line holes of wire trough, cable tray, power distribution cabinet and various electrical appliances shall be blocked, and the exploration in such fields as car reform and car Hailing shall be tightened. In addition, by 2020, Changsha also plans to build 50000 charging piles to provide more convenience for new energy travel

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